Plan A Perfect Day With Dad

Your dad, husband, and grandfather deserve recognition after all the sacrifices they make for you throughout the year. You are probably guilty of not thinking of any gift to surprise them with until the last days to father’s day. Thus, you end up gifting them with just a card. They sure deserve … Read more

Guide to Girl Hairstyles for Dads

There seems to be a persistent stereotype that dads are hopeless when it comes to fixing or styling their daughters’ hair for school and for other occasions. But it’s not true that mothers or women are the only ones who are artistic when it comes to their daughters’ hairstyles. It’s because there … Read more

Bottle Feeding Tips for Dads

It is the mother’s responsibility to breastfeed your babies. However, there are times when breastfeeding moms need a break, too. Therefore, as a dad, you also need to learn how to give your baby the bottle. Aside from helping your wife, bottle feeding your baby can also be a great way for … Read more

A Dad’s Guide to Keeping a Home Clean

There is no place like home; where we can spend our whole day relaxing, drinking coffee or doing anything we like. This is especially true when our home is clean and well maintained. Men and women today both participate in keeping a home clean, neat and tidy. Men now do the work … Read more

Fun Outdoor Projects for Dad and Kids

Kids in this generation are too inclined to depend on high technology such as playing video games and surfing the internet. In fact, some of them don’t experience playing outside that much. Yes, the internet can provide answers and explanations on a variety of topics, but nothing beats physical activities when learning … Read more

Bonding Activities Dad and Kids Will Enjoy

In most households, moms are usually the ones left at home to take care of the kids while dads spend their time in the office or at work. Moms are typically the ones who get to spend more time with the kids. So, when weekends and holidays come, children are looking forward … Read more