A Dad’s Guide to Keeping a Home Clean

There is no place like home; where we can spend our whole day relaxing, drinking coffee or doing anything we like. This is especially true when our home is clean and well maintained. Men and women today both participate in keeping a home clean, neat and tidy. Men now do the work that was primarily designated for women in the past like cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. and taking care of children. The same goes for women, as women today work in greater numbers and need help with household chores.

Like working together to meet the overall needs the family, husbands, and wives should help each other mentally, emotionally, financially and physically. It’s a joy for a wife to see and feel that their husband is helping out in all aspects of maintaining a family. A husband who sweeps the floor, prepares food for the family, and does other household work is greatly appreciated.

In the past, the dads work at home was typically focused more on handyman type work such as painting, minor fixes, and other related maintenance. Today busy mom and dads have to partner up to maintain a house as well as keeping a home clean. Here are some tips to help dads keep their home clean, and child friendly.

Make Your Bed

When you get up in the morning, jump in and keep the bed neat and tidy by folding bed sheets, blankets, and putting the pillows in place. That way when you both come home from work the your bedroom will be clean and neat.

Keep Floors Free From Dust

Sweep the floors from time to time; especially if you have dogs, small children, etc. that tend to track in dirt and dust on a regular basis. If you have a baby in the house, they are always curious about anything they find on the floor (or anywhere) and you want to make sure anything dangerous is swept up.

Keep Windows, Doors, Mirrors, and Decorative Glass Shiny

Wipe the surface of the glass using a damp cloth with soap (or window cleaner), then rinse it off using another clean damp cloth. Keeping kids fingerprints off the windows they can access helps to keep our rooms bright looking with no smudges.

Empty the Trash

Always be aware of when the trash man will be coming by to collect garbage. Pitch in and help gather up the trash and get it out on time. If you have a garden, see if you can use any biodegradables for fertilizer. Also be aware of recycling and try to help segment trash.

Wash the Clothes

There is always a never-ending stream of laundry to keep up with. Try and pitch in with doing laundry twice a week. That will keep clothes, sheets and towels from piling up. Piled up laundry can start to smell, take up space and also leave you or your family without clean clothes for the next day!

Keep Kitchen Neat and Clean

To make your refrigerators clean, throw away foods or condiments that are expired. Keep a running list of what you need from the grocery store and on your way home you can grab something quick that can’t wait for the next weekly grocery store trip.

You can quickly wipe and clean kitchen tables, countertops, and sinks before and after meals to keep your kitchen clean and free of left-over food. Try and load the dishes quick after each meal as well so that they don’t pile up for later.

Child Proof Your Home

Cover electrical outlets to protect your children from possibly sticking their fingers in the outlet. And importantly keep up with them. Make sure you keep up with them as well and make sure they are put back in place. Also ensure your cabinets have safety latches on them so they can’t be opened easily by small children.

Deep Clean Bathrooms

Scrub tiles once a week to keep them free from mold build up and remove soap residue. Clean your toilets thoroughly to ensure they stay clean and sanitary. You can also help keep the bathroom organized by throwing away unused items, quickly straightening drawers and also replacing toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.).

Today its important fathers help to maintain the home as well and that doesn’t mean just doing the “handyman” duties. The tips provided here will give you a great starting point to start pitching in and helping to keep the family’s home clean and well maintained for everyone.