Movies Dads Like to Watch

Movies Dads Like to Watch

Imagine the time when movies aren’t made yet? Sure, various other forms of entertainment existed, like reading books, playing music and singing, having a chess game, or drinking lavish amounts of beer. Yet, there’s no denying the fun, thrill, and other emotions brought to us by movies. From compelling stories, touching dialogues, … Read more

Tools Men Need in Their Toolbox

Tools Men Need in Their Toolbox

Having a well-stocked toolbox is essential to any man, no matter the living situation or field of interest. Whether it’s for fixing a leak, hanging a frame, tightening, or making some small DIY home improvements, you’ll have an easier time completing any task or project with the right tools around. The catch … Read more

Where should a Cowboy Hat Be Worn on the Head?

Where should a Cowboy Hat Be Worn on the Head

Cowboy hats have a long history and tradition. First used by Western cowboys, ranchers, and cattle herders as excellent protection from the sun’s harsh rays while working, this iconic headwear went beyond its functional purpose and has evolved into a fashion statement. Though it may seem like buying and wearing them is … Read more

The Process of Making Cowboy Boots

The Process of Making Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are among the iconic symbols of the Western United States that bring pride and are a part of the people’s lifestyle and strong tradition. But have you ever wondered how cowboy boots are made? Are there different materials used? What production stages are involved in creating the best cowboy boots? … Read more

What Men’s Clothing Goes Well with Silver

What Men's Clothing Goes Well with Silver

Sophisticated and timeless, silver jewelry is a perfect fit for any stylish man who simply wants to feel good by looking good. Whether it’s a silver ring, necklace, watch, or bracelet, silver accessories denote your masculinity and strength and serve as an excellent symbol of a man’s status, sense, taste, personality, and … Read more

Ways to Pass Time While Riding a Plane or Train

Ways to Pass Time While Riding a Plane or Train

While your actual destination is stunning and exciting, the long trip alone is often boring. Sitting hours and hours without something interesting to keep you engaged is simply unenjoyable. Luckily, there are many things you can do to defeat boredom and keep yourself entertained. Have no more fear as here are the … Read more

Can You Wear Slacks and Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy Boots

Once only worn by cowboys, ranch workers, cattle hands, cowboy boots have transcended the saddle life and evolved into a staple in American fashion. Today, it’s worn by anyone of any age, male or female, from ordinary people to celebrities, rock stars, businessmen, and even politicians. It’s no surprise as this iconic … Read more

Does the Color of a Cowboy Hat Have Meaning?

Does the Color of a Cowboy Hat Have Meaning

What do you picture when thinking of a cowboy? Perhaps, the horses and rodeos, the ranch, the lassos, or the cowboy boots. Yet, let’s be honest. Among the things that you can associate with a buckaroo, only one truly hits the mark: the cowboy hat. Though Mongolian horse riders have been wearing … Read more

Capable Man of History: Napoleon


Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who was a key figure during the French Revolution and was the leader during successful campaigns and revolutionary wars in France’s rich history. Born in Ajaccio, Corsica, in France, his parents were called Letizia Ramolino and Carlo Buonaparte.  Who is Napoleon?  A French … Read more