Guide to Girl Hairstyles for Dads

There seems to be a persistent stereotype that dads are hopeless when it comes to fixing or styling their daughters’ hair for school and for other occasions. But it’s not true that mothers or women are the only ones who are artistic when it comes to their daughters’ hairstyles. It’s because there … Read more

Tips for Teaching your Son to Shave

Teaching your Son to Shave

Your son may not speak about it, but he will always cherish the things you taught him. When he was a little kid, perhaps you taught him how to play sports, how to fish or hunt, and many other manly things. Now that your child is growing up, he has more things … Read more

Guide To Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats on a wall

Cowboy hats have been a huge part of western lore since the era of early movies, spaghetti westerns and beyond. While the wide-brimmed hat is a big part of the North American history, it’s now mostly worn by ranch workers, rodeo circuit participants and some country musicians as a symbol of the … Read more

Radical Self-Improvement

1 month of radical self improvement

Introducing a one-month radical self-improvement challenge. Download our powerful blueprint PDF to shake things up in your life for the next four weeks.