How to Put Together an Outfit for a Casual Occasion


Background Wearing a casual outfit is by far the best avenue for a man to express himself. Such outfit does not follow anything unlike wearing formal outfits. Whether you like some sleek, rugged, down to earth or comfortable, this is the style for you. Finding the ideal balance between comfort, individuality, and … Read more

Fun Games to Play with your Toddler


You’ve definitely heard the cliché that kids are like sponges—this is especially true for toddlers. Young children between the ages of one and three are constantly acquiring new information. Play is their primary method of learning. Parallel play, which starts them off, progresses into more engaging activities where they interact with and … Read more

Fun Games to Play with your Teenager


Background One of the hardest and most rewarding tasks in the world is raising children, yet it’s also the one for which you can feel the least ready. You might regret not spending more time with your children when they were younger after you have teenagers now. It can be challenging for … Read more

Five Hats to Wear to Any Occasion


Background Men likely ponder what they could do to improve their outfit, in contrast to women who have countless adorning possibilities. Dress up and wear various hats is the extremely easy solution to this problem. You will have several styling options and can give even the most basic garment a highly fashion-forward … Read more

Moving to Calgary? Here are Some Interesting Things to Know

Happy young Asian couple moving in to new house, using digital tablet organizing things and unpacking boxes together. Home relocation, domestic lifestyle, or love relationship concept

Moving to a new city is always both exciting and challenging. Some of the challenges can be eliminated with preparation. Learning about your new city and some things you should know before you move will help you make a smooth transition and settle into your new digs easily. If you are planning … Read more

Capable Men of History: Vespasian

Capable Men of History: Vespasian

Vespasian was a Roman emperor who was in power from 69 AD to 79 AD. He was the fourth and last Emperor who reigned during the Year of the Four Emperors. Vespasian also founded the Flavian dynasty, which remained an important ruling dynasty for 27 years. Vespasian was a successful emperor who … Read more

Capable Men of History: Beethoven

A bust of Beethoven

Beethoven’s was baptized Ludwig van Beethoven on 17th December, 1770. He was a German musician, being both a pianist and a composer. To this date, he is still among the most known and revered composers in Western music history. His works range from the Classical Period all the way to the Romantic … Read more

Capable Men of History: Martin Luther

Portrait of Martin Luther by Lucas Cranach the Elder

Martin Luther, born on November 10, 1483, was a German priest, composer, hymn writer, and theologian. As a former Augustinian monk, Luther was best known among Christians as the seminal figure of the Protestant Reformation and as of Lutheranism. Martin Luther was ordained a priest in 1507. He rejected various teachings and … Read more