Is There a Wrong Way to Feed a Baby with a Bottle?

Parenting has become easier over the past many years with the creation of many accessories and baby products to provide ease to the parents. This includes baby wipes, diapers, feeders, innovative toys, walkers, crawlers, and a range of other products as well. Although these products have made things quite easier for parents, it is often seen that parents are unable to use these products in their desired manner.

An incorrect usage could be harmful for the baby,that’s why it is always suggested to look for instructions or take into account some expert advice. One of the most common examples of a product being incorrectly used is a baby bottle for feeding purposes. Follow the article below to see if you also make such mistakes or not.

Why does positioning matter?

In general, if there is a premature baby born, there would be high chances that he or she has not developed the instincts to feed by the mouth. As a result, many of the babies are often fed with a nasogastric (NG) tube until they develop this instinct. Once they do develop one, the baby needs to be fed in a precise position so as to not cause choking from incorrect positioning as well as to make the baby learn regarding the precise action to take in feed.

The positioning also matters due to the fact that babies cannot tell when they are full and if there is a constant feeding in a wrong position, there are chances that the baby might over feed which could lead to different types of stomach as well as gastric issues. With the right positioning and instinct developed, the baby would tend to control the amount he wants to intake and will not overfeed.

Have you ever seen a baby having excessive sneezing, coughing, vomiting, or gagging? Well, that is one of the main outcomes of a baby being fed in a wrong way. Although it may not be a big problem, one can always avoid it by feeding their baby properly.

Baby drinking milk from bottle

The Wrong Ways

Yes! There are multiple wrong positions and ways of feeding a baby with a feeder bottle and many of us might already be unaware of that. Take a good note of the points mentioned below.

The Nipple Problem

One of the most common one is that we do not tend to address the nipple size when feeding with a bottle. Some of you may have noticed that the baby is breathing fast and taking in too much at a time. In this case, the nipple size is big, and you need to short it down. Others may have noticed a very slow and ineffective feeding which could be the result of a very small nipple.

Either case, once you feel that the baby is not taking the right amount of feed, make sure to change the nipple. For all the fathers out there who are often unaware of this issue, make sure that you get the right “father-feeding baby bottle and nipple”.

The straight position

Most common problems in the babies occur due to being fed while in a straight position. Imagine if you are lying straight on the bed, would you be able to comfortably drink anything? The answer is No because of it not being the right posture. The concept of gravity has to be taken into account there as there is no pushing force towards the stomach if the baby is being fed in a straight manner.

There are high chances that the milk will not go down all the way towards the stomach if the baby is lying straight. As a result, if the baby has slept and has the feed all the way in the middle, it could lead to problems in breathing, hiccups, or even excessive sneezing.

Another problem with the straight positioning is that the gravity towards the mouth is at the maximum which is why the baby could be gulping in too much while not being able to take it inside at the same speed. As a result of this, the baby may gulp out the milk excessively outside. Possibly this could lead to choking too which is why one should never go for the straight positioning way to feed a baby.


The totally side position

By now, many of you might have believed that the side position is the right one, but this is not necessarily the case. The total side position has its own drawbacks which need to be catered.

One of the most important issues is that the total side feeding is ear infections. Although, these are not contagious and may heal over time, but it is always best to avoid them. The eustachiantube in the ear connects the middle part of the ear with the throat. As a result, if the baby is completely laid down on a side position, it can enter the eustachian tubes which may then cause naturally occurring bacteria to enter the middle ear. This may cause infection to the baby. As a result, the complete side lying position is not the right one.

The Right Way – The Right Bottle

Many of you might be hearing this for the first time but even the bottle with which you feed your baby matters to an extent. Bottles that are not made out of food grade plastic may damage the contents inside the bottle if exposed to prolong heat. In addition to that, there are many bottles out there which do not have an integrated filtration system within them. Although, there is no big risk involved over here, a bottle with an integrated filter will prevent any types of harmful bacteria from entering the infant’s mouth.

Many expert doctors have also suggested washing the bottle at least 2 to 3 times in a day even if the baby is not using it. This would prevent any types of virus or infectious germs to stay within the bottle. It is also recommended that you always buy a bottle which is approved by the FDA.

Choose the right bottle for your baby every time.

Crook of the Arm Technique

Up until now, you have been aware of the everyday mistakes which many parents make while feeding their babies. However, now we will tell you the most ideal technique for feeding your baby be it through breast feeding or through a bottle. Place the baby’s head in the crook of your arm while keeping the baby in an inclined position. Wrap the other arm around the baby. To add more to your convenience, it is recommended that you sit on a chair with your legs folded.

The Crook of the Arm or the inclined position technique is one of the best ones because there are generally no chances of any infections as well as the milk will go right down to the stomach due to gravity coming in the inclined position of the baby’s body. In addition to that, there is barely any chance that your baby will be overfed or underfed with this type of position.

Whether you are breastfeeding, or you are feeding the baby with a bottle, make sure that you switch the arm quite often. Changing sides would not only reduce the fatigue but it is also good to maintain a healthy posture by changing frequently.

Other Useful Tips

There are a few other important things that the parents should consider. A common dilemma which is faced by many is related to whether feeding the baby with powdered milk, concentrated milk, fresh milk, or breast feed. The answer to this question is very simple and that is to simply begin from breast feed. Scientific research has proven that breast feed is quite important to nurture a baby’s health and contains many different types of natural nutrients which the concentrated or powdered milk may not have.

However, once you do switch to the bottled milk, it is recommended to buy fresh milk from the milk shop rather than getting the powdered milk. Remember, natural milk is always going to be better and will provide added support to the baby at times of need. If you switch to a powder milk before a minimum of 4 years of age, there might be deficiencies within a child which no one would want.


Many parents excessively worry for their baby and get upset but you do not need to worry about them. It can be deduced that parenting is a big challenge for modern day parents but with the expert help, you can always feel relieved of the problems that you face.

We hope that you are now aware of the common mistakes that many make as well as the different types of wrong ways in which we feed a baby. Make sure to follow all the different types of tips above as well as share this with other parents too to help them with their baby. Happy Parenting!