Radical Self-Improvement

Introducing a one-month radical self-improvement challenge. Download our powerful blueprint PDF to shake things up in your life for the next 4 weeks.

What is the Radical Self-Improvement Challenge? We provide you with a new experience that you must complete each day, for one month.

What will I gain from this challenge? We look to arm the participants of this challenge with a fresh perspective of lifeā€”Free of the burdens of normality. Sometimes, we all benefit from a simple change of scenery.

The official 1-month radical self-improvement guide

Here we provide you with a beautiful, two-page PDF guide to utilise during the 1 month radical self-improvement challenge. Print the guide, get it up on the wall – or simply save it to your phone, tablet or desktop and use it to follow your daily progress in your quest for development this month.

In this guide, Capable Men provides you with a powerful blueprint to shake things up for the next 4 weeks. Feeling a little tired lately? In need of a challenge? Well, look no further – Our free guide provides a nice assortment of exercises that guarantees an interesting month for all those who have the discipline to reach the finish line.

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