Bonding Activities Dad and Kids Will Enjoy

In most households, moms are usually the ones left at home to take care of the kids while dads spend their time in the office or at work. Moms are typically the ones who get to spend more time with the kids. So, when weekends and holidays come, children are looking forward to bonding with their dads. Based on some studies, dads who play with their kids not only boost their children’s physical and mental development, but they suffer from less stress often, as well.

When some dads hear the word bonding, they may think of watching a good movie or maybe playing video games all day with their kids. Those sure are fun things to do, however, it is also important to teach your kids on how to disconnect with electronic devices and enjoy physical activities. Since children today are too dependent on their gadgets, why not try to introduce them to more fun activities where they can use their creative imagination more?

Dad and Kids
If you want to make it up to your kids for the time you were away and busy with work, here are 25 fun bonding activities you can do together which do not include the use of any electronic device.

  1. Build robots, monsters, animals, and other characters using household products such as cardboard from paper towels, scrap paper, cotton swabs, and other items you can find around the house.
  2. Play races in the backyard like relay, three-legged, and other fun games.
  3. Dress up using old clothes, or maybe create your own using plastic bags, toilet paper, duct tape, and other things.
  4. Play board games.
  5. Finger paint pictures on canvass or boxes to enhance creativity.
  6. Create boats using popsicle sticks and have a boat race.
  7. Get the best kids quad bikes for sale, create an obstacle course, and set a timer to see who can get through it faster.
  8. Build a fort using blankets, cushions, and other things you have around. Let your children’s imagination run wild.
  9. Play hide and seek.
  10. Lie on the grass and spot different cloud shapes.
  11. Make a time capsule. Bury it in your backyard and promise to dig it up after a few years.
  12. Write and put on a play. You can also create costumes for one another.
  13. Pretend to be spies and sneak around the house, or maybe pretend to be action stars, too.
  14. Roast marshmallows or create s’mores.
  15. Hold a bubble gum blowing contest.
  16. Try baking cookies or other snacks. If successful, you can share them with everyone at home, or even with neighbors. Be proud that you and your kids made them.
  17. Try writing a song and create a music video for it. It could also work if you and your kids have a favorite song.
  18. Create DIY toys such as a bow and arrows, catapult, car race track, and others.
  19. Blow up an inflatable pool in the backyard and go for a swim. You and your kids can also fill it up with water balloons or water bombs.
  20. Create kites and see how high they can fly.
  21. Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
  22. Set up a scavenger hunt for the kids.
  23. Try to create a mini garden where you and your kids can create miniature landscapes.
  24. If you have little kids, you can give them piggy back, horsey, and airplane rides.
  25. Prepare dinner together.

Aside from the activities listed here, there are still a lot more ideas you can find. Maybe you can think of new ones yourself, as well.

Disconnecting from gadgets and electronic devices for a day or two can teach your kids to think of other ways to have fun. It can make them more creative and imaginative rather than letting them stick to watching certain TV shows and playing video games. These activities will allow you to have more interaction with them. This way, you will be able to discover what they are into, what their favorite things are, and what they dream of becoming someday. These activities can also be the reason of your and your children’s excitement for your next day off from work.