What Material Are Cowboy Boots Made Of

Cowboy boots historically worn by cowboys are high heel boots that are made of stacked leather. The rounded to pointed toe, no lacing, high shaft, etc. are made from the skins of snake, alligator, ostrich, eel, lizard, elephant, buffalo, elk, stingray, and much more. The two basic styles of a cowboy are made from different animals and lizards’ skins. Traditional cowboy boots are uncomfortable to walk in. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, cowboy boots were more used as a fashion accessory. It was depicted in movies and now they are sold as fashion boots that people wear to their work, meetings, weddings, or any other events. They are being used in casual and formal events by men and women. The flexible leather and cushioned insoles have made it easier for people to walk in them and wear them all day.

What Material Are Cowboy Boots Made Of

Cowboy boots are made with all kinds of leather these days. The leather can range from rare to exotic animals on this planet. People have been using different animal’s skin leather for their cowboy boots. 

Cowhide Leather 


Cowhide leather is considered a traditional leather for making cowboy boots. It is the most popular material that has been used for boots lately. Cowhide leather is used in most cowboy boots because of its durability and it is difficult to tear or puncture. You will find a pair of work boots made of cowhide leather. 

If you are looking for a pair of cowboy boots that you will be using in dirt or working in the field, you should choose cowhide leather cowboy boots. It is because they are cheaper than exotic leather and they last more than other leathers. 

To keep you comfortable while walking and working in the field, the cowhide leather is flexible. Hence, it is not only durable but also comfortable to wear. If you want to have a texture of exotic leather, you can get a print of crocodile, lizard, or snakeskin leather on cowhide leather.

Goat Leather 


Goat leather is a balance between cheap and luxury. It is a durable leather that you can use for your cowboy boots. Goat leather is having a lot of pores that makes it soft and breathable. As a result, you can wear your cowboy boots anywhere because of flexible, soft, breathable, and cool goat leather. 

If you want to make them in your favorite boot color, you can dye the goat leather. It gives you more color options and style. The goat leather is soft as compared to the ostrich leather. Hence, it softens over time. 

Ostrich Leather 

Ostrich Leather

Ostrich skin is one of the most popular exotic leather that you can use for your cowboy boots. Because extensive production of ostrich leather and the process that it goes through makes it the luxury leather for your cowboy boots. Also, the ostrich is not having as much skin as the cow. Ostrich leather comes in different patterns depending on the species of ostrich in different countries and areas. 

There comes a full quill ostrich leather with bumps on it. It is a common leather used for cowboy boots and it comes from the main part of ostrich. The bumps are the areas from where the feathers of the ostrich are plucked. Also, you can use an ostrich leg for your cowboy boots. It is having a pattern of scales. Sometimes people mix it with reptilian leather. 

Most people prefer ostrich leather for their cowboy boots because of its durability. Also, it is soft and breathable leather. The natural oil in the skin of ostrich leather keeps it safe from drying and cracking. 

Elephant Leather 

elephant leather

Elephant leather is a valuable and rare leather because it is difficult to obtain it. There are strict regulations about some animals that their skin can only be obtained if they die of natural causes. They can’t be hunt down for their skin. This regulation is strictly monitored by authorizations. So, you have to wait until an elephant dies of natural death. 

The leather made from elephant skin is extremely scuff-proof and tough. With any luck, you get the elephant leather cowboy boots, you will have to take care of them than traditional cowhide leather cowboy boots. On other hand, the durability of elephant leather makes it a perfect fit for work boots. 

Snake Leather 


Snake leather has gained popularity in the last few decades. It has not only been used for shoes or boots but also clothing, handbags, wallets, clothing accessories, etc. It is an exotic leather that you can use for your cowboy boots. It comes from different kinds of snakes. The most common snake leather comes from the skin of rattlesnakes and pythons. 

The snake leather is loved by most people because of its complex and unique design and patterns. It cannot be duplicated using artificial materials. The snake leather cowboy boots are a symbol of beauty. You will have to keep high maintenance and care of leather-skinned boots. Also, you will have to apply a boot conditioner on daily basis to keep the scales supple. 

Alligator Leather 

alligater leather

In the last few decades, the skin of alligators for leather products has gained popularity. Mainly, the alligator leather has been used by the Southern United States as a dress boot. To retain the hardness of the skin, a soft membrane is connected between the scales and skin. If you take care of alligator leather cowboy boots and maintain them, they can last for decades. 

Crocodile boots are identical to alligator boots. The only difference you can find between both types of leather is that crocodile leather will be having a tiny pinhole in the middle of each scale. Like alligators, the crocodiles are not farmed domestically. So, it would be difficult for you to find crocodile leather everywhere and that makes it expensive too.

Stingray Leather 

Stingray Leather

Stingray leather is thick in calcium and the skin gives a pearl-like appearance. The skin of the stingray is tough enough to break the needles. It makes it difficult to forge it into cowboy boots, clothing, handbags, or other accessories. However, leather workers do not recommend or use it for cowboy boots. If anyhow, you get stingray leather cowboy boots, you will be having waterproof and scratch-resistant boots. 

Shark Leather 

shark leather

The shark leather is a tough, rugged, rough, and scuff-proof leather. Sharks are having slightly different skin than other animals or reptiles. You can use it for your cowboy boots but keep in mind that they are of less breathable material. On the other hand, they are waterproof. Most professionals combine shark skin with other skins to make it wearable. 

Lizard Leather 

Lizard Leather

Lizard leather is gained from the skin of ringtail or iguana. Most of the simple boots or cowboy boots are made from the belly of the lizard. On the belly of the lizard, there is an evenly patterned skin that is used for making lizard leather cowboy boots. Also, the structure of the lizard leather is similar to the alligator leather. 

If you use lizard leather, your cowboy boots will be having more life than alligator leather cowboy boots. It is the reason that lizard leather is in more demand than alligator leather. As a result, the population of lizards has been depleted over the years. 

Cowboy Boots Leather – Leather of Different Animals and Reptiles

You can get your cowboy boots made of any animal or reptile skin rather than using the traditional cowhide leather. Skin obtained from different animals and reptiles can vary in price, functionality, durability, flexibility, etc. You can choose a hide that suits best for your purpose like you want to use cowboy boots for work or formal or casual events. It depends on you, so choose wisely!