4 Reasons You Should Consider BAK Industries for Your Truck Bed Cover

Cover your contents the right way with a BAK Industries truck bed cover. If you’re tired of your existing cover, or have yet to upgrade your truck with this convenient accessory, it’s time to shop online. Explore the benefits of the BAK BAKFlip G2 hard folding truck bed cover and other BAK Industries products. Order one today for your truck or surprise a friend with the ultimate gift idea.

1. Versatile Cover Options

With such a wide range of tonneau covers available, it can be difficult to commit to a single brand before you know which cover type you want. Thankfully, BAK Industries offers a full range of hard covers for your make and model of truck. Pick up an affordable foldable option or invest in a rugged retractable cover to complement your truck bed.

There are many pros and cons to choosing each hard cover type for your truck. Don’t just compare folding types, but inspect the mounting style, seal situation and material used. These features are the difference between long-lasting weather protection and a leaking, inefficient tonneau.

2. Long-Lasting Quality

Choose a BAK tonneau cover for years of dependable storage. Many of these reliable covers come with a long-lasting warranty, typically between three and five years. A hard cover design ensures minor scratches, dropped tools, extreme weather and other adverse issues won’t compromise your tonneau cover. Pick up a protective device that’s as rugged as your vehicle and can handle anything your jobsite throws its way.

Look for a hard cover with fiberglass reinforced panels. These panels are much more sturdy than traditional foam core or soft panel designs. A tough top allows you to store items on your tonneau or take a few dropped items without compromising the cover of your truck bed.

3. Diverse Sizes

Truck beds come in a range of lengths. Purchasing a cover that’s too long or too short won’t give you the protection you need. Don’t invest in a costly custom cover, but enjoy the exact size you need from the extensive BAK Industries catalog. Shop based on the make and model of your vehicle for convenient ordering and setup. A straightforward sizing system results in a convenient shopping experience.

4. Easy-To-Use Storage Upgrade

Some tonneau covers are difficult to remove and install, making them impractical for daily use. Upgrade your truck bed with a BAK tonneau cover that you can easily open, close, remove and install. Hard covers are particularly convenient for opening and closing. Don’t struggle with snaps or hook-and-loop enclosures that are common with soft tonneau covers. A hard folding, retractable, roll-up or hinged cover offers you the storage solution your truck deserves.

Shop for a New Tonneau Cover Today

Treat your truck right with a BAK Industries tonneau cover. Shop online to compare BAK Industries Revolver X2 truck bed covers and other popular models. When you find the best cover to fit your budget and your truck, ordering online makes it easy to ship it directly to your garage. Set up your new tonneau cover and prepare for a full week of work or a convenient weekend vacation.