How to Store Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are composed of tough leather or skins to provide us powerful support, but if these boots are not properly cared for, they can tarnish easily and rapidly. Even if they are water-resistant, they still require attention because every material has a limit before they start to deteriorate.

Boots and hat in front of monument valley 

You must be cautious with them while following the cowboy boots storage tips to prevent them from wrinkling, peeling, losing true, design and color, and even breaking. 

Steps to follow before storage: 

Before you put your cowboy boots away for winter, here are some procedures to complete:

1. Clean them:

It is essential to clean your boots as soon as you get the chance. Storing them without washing and sanitizing them will allow mold to grow, emit a terrible odor, and dirty up the storage area. Make sure to handle your cow boots with gentle care. Harsh cleaning can ruin the material of the boot.

The cow boots are made with harsh leather and come in the equestrian gears. One needs to be very careful with the use of cleaning products. It will help if you read through the manufacturer’s care guidelines before using any cleaning agent.

Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch if there is any lubricant on the boot. These formulas can absorb any oils that you can easily wipe off of the boot. To eliminate dust, rub it with a towel. Use a horsehair shoe brush or a dry eraser to remove dirt or scuff marks from the soles or the surface of the boost. Scrub the filth away with a toothbrush as well. 

To clean your boots, avoid using damp cloths or soap and water. It’s a bad idea since it dries out the leather and causes it to crack. As far as possible, keep the cleaning process dry. If you must use some water to clean, then opt for a damp cloth. Use an absorbent, a paper towel, or a cloth to get rid of moisture caused by a wet cloth.

2. Dry them out:

 Extract the sole out from the boots if you can and set it aside to dry separately. There are plenty of ways to dry cowboy boots. Invest in a boot dryer if you have lots of cowboy boots and are fascinated with buying more or wearing them all the time. A boot dryer can deal with several pairs in a short time.

Use a natural head provider, the sun, if you don’t want to spend money on a boot dryer. However, if your boots are suede, leave them out until they are damp rather than wet. Then transfer them indoors. Drying your suede boots in the sun can lead to cracking. 

A hairdryer can also come in handy. It will be quite a workout for your hand since it takes a while to dry cowboy boots. But if the pair are just damp, this hairdryer trick can fully dry them efficiently. Keep your hairdryer on a lower setting if handling suede boots.

Turn your fan on at full speed to dry out your boots indoors. You can also use the sock trick. Add rice in socks, tie the socks up, and put it inside the pair. Rice has the properties that will absorb water. You can also use powders like cornstarch and baking soda to suck away extra moisture.

3. Care/restoration:

 Boots exist conditioned once they have been cleaned and dried. You can choose from many types of lubricants available in the market. If you are out of boot conditioner, petroleum jelly is also a good alternative available in your home. Petroleum jelly can soften your boots.   Polish your boots to bring back the shine and rejuvenate them. Allow for drying time after applying the polish. Buff the pairs once they have dried.

Ways to store your cowboy boots:

3 sets of cowboy boots

We all know how important it is to keep our precious boots away from moisture as it can mold and ruin them. Whatever method you use, make sure it has adequate ventilation and is kept away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Also, always keep the shaft of the boots straight. If the shaft is drooping down in storage, it can ruin the leather or any material by causing cracks in the boot. The material will start to peel away, and you will lose the design. To maintain the shape, you can use a boot shaper. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, pool noodles are the best option. The simplest method is to pack the shaft with paper.

1. Shelves:

If you own several pairs of cowboy boots and an empty bookshelf, adorn yourself with your shoes. It is a great way to neatly organize your possessions and show them off like collector’s pieces. Just make sure to fix your shelves away from where the sunlight hits. However, you will have to dust off the shoes and the shelf frequently because of the open storage. 

2. Boot racks:

Boot racks are very effective and efficient. Just flip your boots upside down and insert the pieces of frame poking out into the shoes. It can store many pairs at a time without taking as much space as other storage methods. It also keeps the shaft of the boot straight due to the poking sticks of the rack, which is a huge plus. 

3. Closet: 

If you have extra space in your closet, keep them away at the bottom of the closet. Make sure your closet space is not humid and super hot. It is simple to put in, and you will not have to spend any more money on storage.

If you lack storage at the bottom of the closet but available on the sides and the cupboard doors, invest in a shoe hanger. It can make your wardrobe multipurpose and can reduce the cluttering of shoes in your room. A shoe hanger can uphold many shoes at a time. Just stuff the shaft of your boots with newspaper to keep them straight and hang it onto the hanger.

A pant hanger is a considerable alternative to a shoe hanger if you are on a tighter budget!

4. Storing in boxes:

Whether it is a unique pair of boots or a pair you always pack for trips  Putting them in a container, however, does not imply that you should toss them in the trunk of your car or the back of your closet. They need to be packed and stored with gentle care. Fill up the shaft with absorbent paper to keep up the shape and wrap the boot with the paper. You can also use brown paper then store them in a cardboard box. You get it while purchasing your pair. However, if you do not have it, stop by any boot store and ask for them. Many will hand them over for free because they throw out access packaging. Do not tightly seal the container. Keep it light and airy to avoid the growth of mold.

If you have plastic boxes, make sure there are holes in them. A tight plastic container can contaminate the boots.

Bottom line:

Cowboy boots with the best care can last more than a decade! You do not need a budget-busting and fancy routine with simple steps and main requirements in mind. Follow these steps for storing cowboy boots good as new, daily rejuvenated, and protected.