Where should a Cowboy Hat Be Worn on the Head?

Cowboy hats have a long history and tradition. First used by Western cowboys, ranchers, and cattle herders as excellent protection from the sun’s harsh rays while working, this iconic headwear went beyond its functional purpose and has evolved into a fashion statement.

Though it may seem like buying and wearing them is as easy as with any hat, there’s so much more than that. You need to get the right fit, find the ideal shape, wear and angle it on your head correctly, and follow certain etiquettes.

If you’re wondering how, continue reading below as we’ll tackle more about how you should be wearing your cowboy hat and other important points to ensure you’re on the right track, looking your best, and pulling off a proper attitude.

Finding the Right Fit

First, it’s vital that you get the right fit, so you may also wear it properly. Thankfully, cowboy hat manufacturers are releasing reliable sizing charts for their products. All that’s left for you to do is get a measuring tape or sizing tape to get your matching cowboy hat size.

Start by placing the measuring tape or sizing tape in the middle of your forehead. The ideal spot should be just right above your ear. Next, wrap it around your head while holding it firmly in place. From there, you can now get your size and compare it with the manufacturer’s size chart. If your measurement is in between the sizes, always opt for the smaller size.

If you’ve already purchased a hat that fits loosely but is not too huge for you to buy a smaller size, don’t fret! You can simply get foam strips to make your cowboy hat snug. Depending on how loose-fitting it is, you can either place a short strip on both sides or the front and back. If it is still too loose, you may want to put the foam strips all around your cowboy hat. Simply adjust until it fits nicely.

A cowboy hat

Getting the Perfect Shape

Apart from the size, getting the perfect shape ensures that you get the best cowboy hat for you. If you have a round face, your best option is one with a taller crown and a slanted brim. If you have a heart-shaped face instead, you’d be better off choosing a cowboy hat with a relatively shorter brim plus a teardrop-shaped crown.

Do you have a long, narrow face instead? Cowboy hats with mid-height crowns will perfectly complement your face. On the other hand, opt for ones with curved brims and rounded crowns if you are squared-face. If you have an oval-shaped face, you’ll have an easier time as you wear nearly any type of hat and still look your best.

Wearing the Hat on Your Head

Now, it’s time to wear your hat on your head the right way! Here are the steps to do so:

1. Start by adjusting your hair so it won’t hamper you from putting your hat correctly on your head. Are you donning short hair? Skip this step. If you’re embracing a longer hairstyle, it’s better to slick it back or tie it in a ponytail with the bump set straight down.

2. One of the primary rules to ensure you’re wearing your cowboy hat properly is setting the front to the front. With that, you should be placing the small bow at the back of your head. You can usually see this small bow inside lining around the cowboy’s hat headband, serving as the mark on the back of the hat. If there’s no bow, a good way to distinguish the front and back is by outside the hat. Typically, the front is narrower than the back.

3. The majority of the good-quality cowboy hats are flexible and can be adjusted to a certain shape. Use your hands and gently squeeze or bend the hat. The pressure depends on the material used for the hat. Common materials used are leather, straw, or rabbit, and beaver pelt. Your goal is to make the front and back of the hat’s brim relatively flat.  Meanwhile, you can also curl the sides. However, never curl them too tightly. Just adjust it until they end up sticking slightly.

4. After shaping your hat, you can now wear your hat. Angle the brim based on your preference and how you want to look. For instance, lowering the brim just above your eyebrows will give you a more serious look. Meanwhile, tilting the front of the hat up can provide you with a more friendly and casual appeal. If you wish to appear confident instead, slightly slanting your cowboy hat to one side will do the trick.


Cowboy Hat Basic Etiquettes

It doesn’t stop with wearing your hat properly, as there are basic etiquettes you need to follow to show your respect. Adhering to these rules will make you look your best and provide you with a good, lasting impression on others.

1. Outside, you are free to wear your cowboy hat at most times to protect yourself from the sun. However, there are public situations where your cowboy should come off, such as when attending a funeral, meeting an elderly for the first time, pledging allegiance, or in the flag’s presence.

2. Your cowboy hat should also stay off each time you enter the building. Such places include churches, schools, or into others’ homes.

3. You can wear your hat if you’re eating at a casual diner or a meal at the counter. However, it should be unworn if you’re sitting in front of a table at a restaurant. Feel free to wear your cowboy hat while eating out in the range. That way, you avoid other ranchers from stepping and spilling food on your hat.

4. Lastly, the most critical and irrefutable rule is never ever mess with a cowboy’s hat. It’s a personal item that often comes at a hefty price. Respect other people’s belongings and never pass them or touch them without permission. By doing so, you can expect to earn the same respect from others.

Cowboy hats aren’t a fashion statement you can simply wear. Make sure to follow all the tips listed above to end up looking hip while doing things the proper way.