Tips for Buying a Good Quality Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats were trendy in the past, and it became a massive part of the western culture since the first movies. It is also a big part of North America’s history and is now mostly worn by farmers, ranch workers, and musicians to symbolize the heritage.However, it became popular when people used to drive cattle in the late 19th century, but it is still worn today and has become an essential part of most people’s wardrobe.

A cowboy hat is a great accessory to addto your wardrobe. It has become more common nowadays in the fashion industry due to many celebrities. You can also find one of these hats in the pages of fashion magazines and different celebrity wardrobes. If you like a cowboy hat, you can buy it online or from a well-known retail store but keep in mind that not every good-looking hat will suit you.

Tips for Buying Hats

Finding the right cowboy hat requires more than just picking up a good looking hat off the retail store. Here is a list of some of the necessary things to look for when buying a hat:

Shape and Facial Structure

man-hat-usa-portraitThe first feature to consider before buying a hat is the shape of the face. You should try on different hats and see whether it looks good on you according to your face because the cap draws attention to your face, so you want to pick that one that suits and balances all your features to avoid weird looks.

People with thin and extended facial structure will look great in hats with medium crown height. You should look for crown heights as the hats with taller and shorter crown heights can make your face look longer.

If you have a round face, you should stick with small-sized crown hats because a smaller crown with a slight forward angle to the crown’s design will help you look better. Also, make sure that the height and crown of the cowboy hat are pleasing to your face.

Types of Hats and its Materials

The second important thing to consider is the hat’s material and the type of hat you want. Bear in mind to check out the materials from which the hat is made, as it influences your final selection. Most modern cowboy hats are made of straw, leather, or wool.

1. Felt Hats

Hats made of wool or leather give a stylish and clean look to any outfit you wear. These hats can also block dust and debris and require cleaning regularly.These are the classic cowboy hats that we’ve seen being portrayed in the movies as well.

2. Straw Hats


A straw hat is made from straw or straw-like materials which are sewed together. If you don’t want to buy a formal cowboy hat, then the straw hat is the best option as it is designed for daily wear, and you can even use it for years. Moreover, you can easily maintain it, and it requires minimum cleaning and care.

The Size of the Hat

hat-clothing-headwear-cowboy-hatThe third important thing to consider is the hat’s size, as the sizing makes it different from a regular baseball hat. The baseball hats are mostly adjustable, and they can fit people with different head shapes and sizes. On the other hand, cowboy hats are not flexible; that is why you should choose a hat that suits you to avoid getting uncomfortable in the future.

You can also take the help of a professional hat retailer to help you choose the right size. You should select ahat that fits comfortably on your head and doesn’t blow off in the gust of wind. Also, keep in mind not to choose a hat that is too tightas it will restrict the blood flow and can cause slight creases on your head. An experienced hat retailer will help you in choosing the right hat that fits and comforts you.

The Choice of Colors

The Choice of ColorsThe retailer will show you many different colored hats,depending on the kind that you’re looking for and choose.

Some standard hat colors contrast with all kinds of shirt patterns, such as checks, stripes, and weaves, including brown, black, and some shade colors like silver and white. If you don’t want to purchase a new hat frequently, you should choose a color that will go well with your currentchoice of clothes.

The X-factor

Since most cowboy hats are made of straw or wool, the cost can range from $20 to $4,000. The value of a hat is determined by the amount of beaver and rabbit fur used in its making. It is then labeled by an X marking that can be seen on the inside of the crown.

The more the Xs, the more expensive and better the hat will be. In the old days, the 5X and 7X hats were the highest quality that could be found.

20X hats meant 100% beaver fur, but different manufacturers developed different scales as time passed, making it almost impossible to compare accurately. A 20X for one hat maker was a 100X for another; it was an arbitrary scale.

Straw hats also have an X marking inside it, indicating the woven straw’s tightness and quality. The better the straws, the tighter the weave and the lighter the hat is. Straws are not as expensive as the felts, but you can find some straw hats up to a few hundred dollars.

The Durability

The sixth factor is the life span and durability of a hat.The cowboy hats are made from many different materials like fur, blended fur, straw, and wood, so you should also keep in mind the durability of materials used in hats.

Cowboy hats made of white fur and fur blend may cost you a lot of money, but they will last for a long time. On the other hand, wool and straw hats may seem less costly, but they won’t lastas long as felt hats.

A cowboy hat’s life ranges from how much you take care of it and how much money you are willing to spend. Going with an expensive one is the best choice and worth the money because you will get a good quality hat that will last a long time.

Hat Care and Maintenance

The last factor to consider is the maintenance of a hat. Every cowboy hat needs some maintenance so that it looks neat and clean. A regularly used hat might require more maintenance than others due to its heavy use. You can use the following methods to take care of your hat:

1. Shaping and Hardening

Brims of felt hat can bend if you spend a lot of time outside in the rain or humidity. You should not worry if it happens because your hatter or the person who takes care of the hats can easily apply a hardener and reshape the hat to its original form. The reshaping process includes putting the ends back to the brim and sharpening the hat’s crown’s crease.

You can extend the stiffening and shaping treatment by drying your hat upside down and on its crown to help hold the shape in place. It is advised not to hang a wet hat as it will compromise the fit.

2. Stains

Stains typically occur around the headband because of sweat. It would help if you used suitable quality headbands that prevent from getting into your hat. If the stain somehow gets onto the hat, it would be best if you took it to the professional hatter so that he can fix and clean it professionally.

Weather Protection

Although the cowboy hat prevents sun rays and raindrops from falling over you, that doesn’t mean that it is impervious to the weather conditions.

Hat protectors are like rain caps that fit comfortably around the cowboy hat. Although it doesn’t look attractive, it does keep both your head and your hat dry. Also, you should keep a hat protector at your workplace or in your vehicle.It will be useful in a rainy situation or if you have a straw hat instead of the felt one.

1. Water Resistance Treatment

The felt hats are suitable for resisting water, which is why they are known as an all-season hat, compared to the straw hat mostly made for summer use.A professional hatter or hat expert can help you apply the treatment; you can even purchase one of the DIY sprays and treat the hat yourself.

Cowboy Hat is a Cultural Master Piece

Cowboy hats are important and accurate reminders of Western history, where everyone loved wearing hats. These hats represent a significant part of American heritage and culture that is still preserved and prevalent in different states.

Cowboy hats are worn favorably by the people and are encouraged in some places. You’ll find many people wearing such hats in states such as Texas, Tennessee, and southern parts of the US. People still love buying cowboy hats and caring for them, in consideration of their national heritage.