Don’t Let The Pandemic Ruin Your Halloween With These Useful Ideas

Parties, costumes, candies, and spooky games with friends is what Halloween is all about. An occasion that turns every adult and child into witches, angels, spiders, pumpkins, or anything they can dream of.

Halloween is a celebration of life and its colors. But this year is different, everything has changed. The virus has changed our perspective towards life and parties and gatherings are a big NO this time. You must be thinking that this year Halloween will be all about hiding your face behind that mask. But what if there are still many ways to make this occasion merry.

But your major concern is how you can celebrate while making sure that you are safe? So, here are some ideas to keep you safe and ahead of viruses during halloween.

Create Your Mask

Keep your face covered and protected. You can make funky and spooky masks all by yourself sitting with your kids and family. You can make them as colorful as you want and wear them on Halloween night to maintain the spark.

Halloween and Treats

You can’t go outside to have a treat but you can still follow the traditions. You can make your favorite Halloween themed treats using pumpkins. You can also decorate pizzas. You can also bake scary faced muffins.

Decorate your place

It’s safe to decorate your place with all the spooky options available in the market. Experts at explain that big retail chains and shopping centers are making sure that they mitigate the spread of Covid-19. So you can actually visit a store near you and buy all your creepy decorations for the festival. You can decorate your space with lights, candles, balloons and scary posters at your door.

Secret Bags

Change the trend of trick or treat by making special bags for your neighbors or friends. This bag will have different tricks , scary messages, horror codes and candies then you can leave this bag secretly at the doorstep of your friend.This tradition can be encouraged by keeping the name of the sender a secret. Videos of the reactions of the receiver can be recorded for fun.

Scary movies

What never goes out of style is scary movies, you can always plan a movie night with your friends and family. Cook a special Halloween dinner for your loved ones and this Halloween will be all about spending time with your family.

Virtual parties

Virtual parties can be planned and costume themed competitions can be organized through various apps. Everyone can be asked to make videos wearing their costumes and these videos can be splashed from the youngest member of the family to the eldest member.

Don’t Forget!!

Whatever you plan or however you celebrate, safety is the most important thing. This halloween creativity will help you. You can make new traditions or new meals to make this halloween a memorable one. But what you can”t risk is safety. Follow social distancing and keep your hands sanitized. You can decorate your neighborhood lane with ribbons to maintain social distancing and celebrating at the same place.

To sum up, halloween is about giving back and helping each other.This is something you need to remember this year as pandemic has destroyed the life of millions. You can help people to fight this monster by sharing food or simply being there. You can celebrate this day by investing in little moments and making it even bigger than ever. All you need to do is be creative and stay safe. Have a safe halloween!!