Tips For Planning The Perfect Stay At Home Date Night

All relationship experts emphasize that in the importance of continuously courting of your mate. The experts will tell you to have a regular date night as a way of reconnecting and rekindling your love. Every couple can see the wisdom behind the advice. However, practicing it is often easier said than done.

When your baby sitter isn’t available, or you are tight on money, treating your mate with a date may seem impossible. Date nights are expensive. A simple dinner and movie night may cost you about $100. Well, the good news is going out isn’t the only option of treating your significant other.

Spending and having a date at home is incredible, not to mention reasonable. After all, everyone loves staying indoors at night. You get to wear anything you want, save money, and you are free to be yourself. However, without some incredible ideas, you will end up doing the usual Netflix and takeout.

Home Date Tips To Help You Stand Out From The Norm


1. Play Couple’s Games

Engaging in a friendly competition with your significant other can help in rekindling the spark. You get to learn a lot about your mate when choosing and to play the game. You could make a bet such as the one who loses does the dishes for the next week or something similar.

Some fun game ideas include the following:

  • Jenga Classic Game
  • Electronic Battleship Game
  • SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception Roll
  • Phase 10 Card Game Styles May Vary

2. Prepare Dinner Together

Dinner preparation can sometimes be a stressful and rushed activity. But all this perception will change when you prepare dinner with your significant other. With the kids in bed and no distractions, it becomes an excellent reconnection time. The preparation should involve a new recipe, not the usual family meals.

3. Make Use of Your Tub

Many people own several bathroom Jacuzzi and tubs. However, due to their busy life schedule, they end up using the shower almost daily. A bubble bath with your significant other can be a great way to break from your routine. You can set the scene to be more romantic by lighting some candles

4. Make A Craft Together

It doesn’t have to be intense craftiness. All you need is to pick a simple but fun project to do together.
You can choose to redesign your house together. It is a fun yet budget-friendly activity. Choose a room in the house and challenge yourself to decorate it using items that you have in the house. You can also enhance your ideas by seeking inspiration from designs on YouTube or Pinterest.

Designing with your partner will teach you a thing or two about their style and preferences.
Alternatively, you can create a painting of something or a place that holds significance to you as a couple. The result doesn’t have to be perfect, but the process will be fun and will help you guys bond.

5. Backyard Picnic

Everyone loves picnics, and that is why you dream of going to spend time at the beach every vacation. The good news is that you can go on a picnic in your backyard. Lay an old blanket, set out your dinner, and have a lantern. A great example of a camping lantern is the Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern which is has 30 extremely bright LEDs.
Eating as you watch the stars is a perfect romantic scene. Since baby monitors cover a long-range, you can bring it with you. Thus, you will be able to relax and enjoy your meals, knowing your little one inside is okay.

6. Ask Each Other Questions

You can get so many couples questions from Google and books. You can also ask each other general questions which aren’t necessarily for couples. They will act as a basis for starting conversations.
Are you feeling like your communication with your mate isn’t intimate anymore? Does your conversation revolve around kids only? Couple questions will be of great benefit to get you to laugh and converse about each other again.

7. Hold A Cooking Challenge

Fun competition can be an excellent relationship booster. Getting competitive during your date can be a great way to spice up your relationship. Instead of preparing a meal together, why not create a challenge out of it? You can select a recipe, and each of you follows it to create the dessert or appetizer. You could also pick ingredients, and each person combines them as they want to come up with a meal course.

8. Make it A Drinks and Music Night

Why not remind yourselves about the cool lounge bar that used to be your favorite back in the day? Start by setting the scene by lighting up candles, putting up colored bulbs and playing music. Then prepare your preferred drinks and enjoy them on your patio. Homesick Scented Candles and LE Color Changing Light Bulbs are perfect examples of things you can use to set up an ideal scene.

9. Plan Your Next Vacation Trip

Everybody loves traveling. However, responsibilities and work make it nearly impossible. You can utilize one of your home dates to plan a dream trip. You can search for exciting locations from Instagram, Google, or travel books.
You can set a budget and get to know the trips you can achieve. The activity will arouse your creativity and assist you in understanding your significant other better. Later on, you can actualize the plan to make your dream come true.



Although the above home-date ideas will help you enjoy your date at home and reconnect with your lover. You will realize that there is no connection between the amount spent on the date and how fulfilling it was. It is possible to enjoy your interaction with your significant other at with little to no cost.