Raising A Happy Dog- Easy Tips To Curb Canine Anxiety

Raising a happy dog goes much beyond feeding it well and taking it out for regular walks. You need to make sure that the pet is physically healthy and mentally calm. But anxiety is as common with canines as it is with humans. However, dog owners often miss out on understanding that their pet may be dealing with it.

Anxiety manifests itself in different ways, such as whining, whimpering, barking, or shivering. Your dog may suddenly become withdrawn or hostile, and it may even lose its appetite. Fortunately, the condition is easy to handle, provided that you address it early and take the right approach. Here are some proven remedies that can curb canine anxiety.

Take the dog out for exercise

Exercise produces endorphins in dogs, just like they do in humans, and relieves stress naturally. Taking the dog out for exercise gives you bonding time with the animal and alleviates separation anxiety. Moreover, walking or playing ball gets out the excess energy and balances the emotions in the animal. You will notice a difference in its temperament by following a regular outdoor exercise schedule.

Go the extra mile with physical contact

When it comes to relieving anxiety, the owner’s touch can do magic for the animal. Know the red flags of anxious behavior and try to address it early with physical contact when you are around. Cuddle up with the pet on the couch or just give it a long petting session to make it feel safe and loved.

Seek help with CBD

Canine anxiety can become a major issue if not managed early. You can seek help with CBD because this remedy has holistic benefits for the body and the mind. Being a non-psychoactive substance, CBD is safe and effective for long-term usage. You can explore these products to deal with issues like dog separation anxiety, general aggressiveness, and a range of physical health issues. Discussing these options with your vet is a good idea. Ask for recommendations for the product and dosage that would work for your pet.


Another stress-relieving therapy that you can try on your anxious dog is massage. Anxiety leads to muscle tension, and massage is one of the best remedies to alleviate it. Start massaging at the neck and slowly work downwards with long and slow strokes. Talk to the dog gently as you massage its body. You will feel its body relaxing after a few minutes of the therapy.

Give some time-out

When things appear out of control, giving the animal some time-out can just do the trick. Isolate it in a quiet and safe place so that it can calm its nerves. You may leave it in the backyard but make sure that there aren’t any triggers around and the dog cannot get out on the road. If isolating the animal indoors, you can have low lights and soft music in the room. Have its favorite toys around and leave around some dog treats and water in its bowl.

Dog anxiety is a common behavioral issue that needs attention early. The sooner you address it, the closer you will be to the goal of raising a healthy and happy dog