Tips for Talking to Strangers

There are always big and small reasons why we need to talk to other people even though we do not know them personally. 

As a social being, the opportunity to strike a conversation with a fellow human being is a gift. It allows us to offer our time for others and accept the same degree of acceptance no matter how fleeting the moment could be. No one can tell what comes next until you start opening yourself to other people.

While meeting strangers is expected to be one of the biggest fears for others, this can be remedied once you understand that there are always plenty of ways to talk to strangers comfortably. Self improvement is also a key in meeting new people. 

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Ten easy tips that will help you talk with a stranger naturally

1. Be ready to be alone

Family and friends are not always there with you all the time. Sometimes you find yourself alone and need someone to keep in touch with, whether for an emergency reason or social interactions. 

Be ready for this moment in your life. To get used to this situation, you can start by going to events or gatherings by yourself. This way, you will find yourself in a position to try talking to others. You will have time to talk or meet other people. Make sure that you will come out unscathed emotionally or socially.

2. Start talking

Do not expect that other people will come and talk to you. You have to initiate the first step once you have an opportunity to do so. When you find yourself in an event, do not just stand in the corner and wait for someone to approach you for a casual talk.

 Step outside from your comfort zone, start introducing yourself to others and don’t take this as a big deal.

3. Don’t be a bore

You go out to talk to other people. Make sure that you can sustain this. Avoid being monotonous or a bore in the conversation. You can start by not asking the most obvious question like the weather condition.

 You can start saying, “Hello, how are you?” and wait a bit on how the conversation will follow. Don’t get stuck with political or religious topics for a starter because this might cause more trouble than you can imagine.

Know the person first before you start to talk about these kinds of sensitive topics. When the conversation begins on this social, political, religious or cultural topic, make sure that you can manage the flow of your discussion. 

4. Let them respond to you

Do not monopolize the conversation. Ask the other person what they can say about the subject that you started. Ask them what they think about it. Ask them to talk about themselves. Focus on these and discuss them.

5. Finding common hobbies

One exciting part of starting a conversation with a stranger is that you will never know where it leads you in the end. 

But talking or finding similarities in your hobbies or interests will mostly lead to a more productive and insightful meeting. However, do not expect that you will suddenly become friends when you discover that you are rooting for the same soccer team or listening to the same music. After all, not all strangers will turn out to be real friends. Pat yourself on the back!

6. Be yourself

Do not be aggressive with your purpose in meeting a stranger. Do not expect that every person would like to have a conversation with you.

 If you find that the stranger is not responding to your initial contact or opening statement, then let them be. Be easy with yourself. Do not be pushy in meeting new friends. Be natural, and people will like it.

7. Know when to stop

Practice when to end a conversation with a stranger no matter how interesting it was. Do not be trapped by other people’s time. Be honest in telling the person that it’s already time for you to leave. And when you start to say these words, you can say that you are looking forward to another fruitful conversation or extraordinary meeting sometime. If you find it safe, you ask for an email or phone number, too. 

The Bottomline

As long as you do not find a clear danger in meeting or striking a conversation with a stranger, you can continue enjoying the moment you have. However, be careful not to find yourself completely alone with a stranger in just a short period from the moment you greet the person with “Hello and How are you.” Be careful in choosing a starting place or a destination. Be alert, too.