What are the Pros and Cons of Getting your Kids a Phone?

Many children today acquire a smartphone at a relatively young age due to the status of the globe. Many times, parents feel compelled to buy their children smartphones because so many of their peers do. However, in addition to their benefits, smartphones for kids also come with a few drawbacks. The advantages and disadvantages of smartphones for children are thoroughly covered in this article.

Advantages of Buying your Kid a Smartphone

1. Smartphones can give your kids better education opportunities

Kid-using-phone-in-schoolThe ability to educate oneself in a variety of subjects is one of the main benefits of smartphones for kids. There are a ton of educational videos and articles available that can help you become an authority on any given subject. 

As a result, the internet offers us fantastic educational opportunities, and it’s really simple for your kids to use their cellphones to access those resources. Therefore, purchasing a smartphone for your children may be a good option if you want to ensure that they have the best access to worthwhile educational possibilities, provided that the smartphone is being utilized for educational purposes.

2. Your children will be available all day long

Getting your child a smartphone can also allow you to stay in touch with them throughout the day. In fact, you can talk to your child whenever you wish during the day, including on the walk home from school and at several other times. In general, if your child has a smartphone, it is much simpler to get in touch with him or her and you are no longer limited to having personal discussions.

3. You can change plans in a quite flexible manner

Having the flexibility to change your plans is another advantage of getting your child a mobile phone. For instance, if you had intended to pick up your child from school at a specific time but an unforeseen circumstance prevented you from doing so, you may let them know and come up with a different schedule. 

If your child didn’t have a cell phone, none of this would be possible. As a result, providing your child with a smartphone can also greatly increase your level of flexibility in many areas of your life.

4. Real-time communication with your kid is possible

Additionally, smartphones enable real-time communication. This is quite practical because it allows you to make video calls in addition to voice conversations with your child. In particular, if your child misses you and longs to see your face, this can be rather pleasant. For instance, if your child is currently on a school field trip and starts to feel homesick, you might want to make a video chat to cheer them up.

5. You can instruct them with the help of smartphones


Getting your child a smartphone has the additional benefit of allowing you to teach them in a variety of ways. For instance, let’s imagine you assigned your child the duty of preparing dinner for the entire family while you are still at work.

If your child has a question, they can easily video call you, and you can provide them with step-by-step directions on how to proceed if they get stuck on a particular job. The likelihood of success and a satisfying supper will consequently rise dramatically. This is true not just for cooking, but also for a variety of other tasks where your child may need assistance. Video calls made using smartphones are a great way to address issues.

6. Tutoring over phone becomes possible

While in-person instruction is still the norm in the majority of nations, more and more tutoring sessions will be conducted using video conferences and cellphones. Due to the tutor no longer having to travel to your home, this can be quite handy and save a lot of time. If your child is a little under the weather and you don’t want to put the tutor at danger of contracting the illness, this type of schooling may make sense. Therefore, even though in-person tutoring may be more effective, tutoring over a smartphone may also be a suitable substitute in some cases.

7. Smartphones can help in case your kid gets lost

Additionally, some kids have very poor spatial awareness. They might not be able to find their way home and could become lost, particularly if they are new to education at other schools. 

Having a smartphone for your child in this situation might be really convenient because they can call you and ask you to pick them up. We should be grateful for this chance to find a simple solution to a major issue. So, if your child is likely to get lost at some point, smartphones can be a wonderful blessing in helping you locate them quickly.

8. Learning about technology is important for your kid’s future

The pace of technological advancement is accelerating in the world we live in. In truth, the technology created over the previous few decades is remarkable, and no one can predict what the future may hold. One thing is certain, though: As technology advances, we must all make the right adjustments to keep up with them. 

If not, we shall eventually become obsolete in the workforce and lose our jobs. Therefore, it is crucial that our children become familiar with these technologies at a young age in order to prevent them from becoming lost in the future. Investing in a smartphone for your children can be a helpful method to teach them about these technologies in a fun but effective way.

9. Important so that your kid will not be socially excluded


In many of the nations on our world, having a smartphone is almost required for youngsters. As a result, if your child is the only one in the class without a smartphone, there is a potential that they will experience social exclusion at school. Therefore, the likelihood is that you should purchase your child a smartphone sooner rather than later if you want to ensure that they remain popular in class.

10. Can make it easier to organize family life

Getting your child a smartphone can also make life much simpler for the entire family. All day long, parents can communicate with their kids and adjust their plans in a more flexible way. By using their smartphones to access the internet, your kids can educate themselves and make the best use of their time. 

For example, if your child takes public transportation to come home from school, he or she could utilize this time to do homework research rather than just waiting and wasting the commute. As a result, when your child gets home, he or she will already be familiar with the appropriate way to approach their schoolwork. In turn, this suggests that you as a parent will also have less work to do in this area and can utilize your time in a more enjoyable way.

Disadvantages of Buying your Kid a Smartphone

1. Adult content is a problem on the web

In addition to the many significant benefits of smartphones for children, there are a few drawbacks to obtaining a smartphone for your child. For instance, one major issue with obtaining your child a smartphone is the possibility of them accessing adult websites due to the abundance of adult content online. This may then affect your child’s ability to develop mentally.

Even if there are applications that seek to block those websites, your youngster can still find a way to circumvent this kind of software because nothing is flawless. Therefore, purchasing a smartphone for your child may not be the best course of action if you want to keep them from accessing this adult information.

2. Smartphone addiction is possible


The use of smartphones has also escalated into a severe problem that affects both children and adults. In fact, a lot of kids are so engrossed in their smartphones that they no longer desire to do other things. 

This might cause major issues because your youngster needs to engage in a variety of activities rather than spending the entire day staring at a smartphone for healthy development. Therefore, if you want to get your child a smartphone, make sure to set limits on how much time they may spend using it to avoid any potential smartphone addiction.

3. Your child may also use a smartphone during class


Another drawback of smartphones for youngsters is that they may use them in class while at school. In fact, a lot of kids might just choose to play a game on their smartphone rather than pay attention in class. As a result, those kids might not learn very much in school, and their lack of education might lead to a variety of other issues in the future.

4. Your child may no longer socialize/play with friends outside


Children frequently have a lot of energy, and they require a certain amount of physical activity to maintain their physical and mental health. But in today’s environment, a lot of kids would rather stay inside and play video games on their phones than go outdoors and engage in physical activity. In turn, there is a large increase in the likelihood of many health issues.

5. Can contribute to sleep deprivation

Kids who use cellphones may experience sleeplessness or severe sleep deprivation, which is another drawback of these devices. In fact, many young people use their smartphones for extended periods of time, and some even stay up late watching movies or chatting with pals. 

These kids might then have severe sleeping issues as a result of their brain’s inability to recognize when it is time to sleep. Therefore, if you observe that your child is always looking exhausted, you can want to take away his or her smartphone and see if their sleeping patterns improve.

6. Mental issues related to smartphone use

Many kids who use their smartphones excessively over time may potentially experience major mental health problems.  Some young people develop smartphone addictions. These kids then frequently overlook their social interactions and might only exist online. In most situations, though, this won’t be healthy, and over time, experts predict a sharp rise in the frequency of mental health problems among those children.

7. Cyberbulling is a problem

Cyberbullying is another issue with teenagers’ smartphones. Bullying actually occurs online much more frequently than it does in person these days. Social media and other online platforms are used to bully a lot of kids. Therefore, be sure that your child is protected from cyberbullies by taking the necessary precautions or preventing it from happening in the first place.

8. Privacy concerns


Another significant consideration when purchasing a smartphone for your child is privacy. Nevertheless, you are also having a problem because of this, not only your child. In actuality, the majority of us don’t know where our data will go, therefore not only should we as adults exercise extreme caution when it comes to when we wish to use our smartphones, but also our children as well.

9. Family spends less time together

The time you spend as a family may suffer as a result of getting your child a smartphone, which is another drawback. For instance, youngsters today would rather play with their smartphones than play games with their family members, when just a few decades ago, many families would play parlor games or watch TV together. Giving your child a smartphone may not be the ideal decision in this situation if your family is really important to you.

10. Unclear long-term health effects

We all use our cellphones rather frequently, yet there is still a lack of information regarding the genuine long-term health impacts of smartphone use. Thus, in order to prevent negative long-term health repercussions in the future, not only our children but also, we adults should be very vigilant and refrain from excessive smartphone use.


As we’ve already shown, there are a number of benefits and drawbacks to getting your child a smartphone. While you should give your child a smartphone when they reach a particular age, you should nevertheless take great care to shield them from inappropriate information and overuse in order to reduce the issues associated with smartphone use. You and your kid will be safe and have a blast if you do it that way!