Building a Father Daughter Bucket List

A father-daughter relationship is one of the most beautiful things in this world. It is known that a strong male influence is important in a young boy’s life, but it’s the same for daughters as well. It’s because a father’s influence can shape his daughter’s self-esteem, self-image, confidence, and as well as opinions of men.




Father Daughter Bucket List

Most dads work long hours while their daughters have lots of activities in school making it hard for them to find time to spend together. But these things should not be hindrances for a father and a daughter to bond. Time flies fast, one day your daughter is dancing with you in the kitchen, the next she is getting ready to dance with a boy at prom. That’s why you should not let the time pass by without creating special moments with her.

Father Daughter Bucket List

If you’re a busy dad and you’re looking into spending more time with your daughter, you can make it possible by building a bucket list. A bucket list is a number of experiences or goals a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. You and your daughter can list as many goals as you like that you both want to achieve, learn, or experience. This way, you will be able to always find time for each other to check everything off that list. To help you out, here are some ideas you can put in your bucket list.

  1. Find some good recipes and cook them together.
  2. Take her to the place where you grew up and tell her stories about your childhood.
  3. Watch the sunrise together one day, then the sunset the next day.
  4. Set up and have a picnic in the backyard.
  5. Enroll in dance lessons.
  6. Spend time in the beach and try snorkeling.
  7. Drive to the country and go stargazing.
  8. Paint your nails. She will paint your nails and you’ll paint hers, then you’ll both walk around proudly while displaying your nails.
  9. Finish eating an entire cake without using any utensils.
  10. Leave work and school early one day to go watch a movie together.
  11. Dress up in matching outfits on Halloween.
  12. Write a book together, self-publish it and have it printed. Once you have a copy of it at home, you both can read it together over and over.
  13. Go on a camp together.
  14. Learn to ice-skate.
  15. Serve an elderly neighbor.
  16. Visit the salon and get pampered together.
  17. Go to the bookstore and find interesting books to read together.
  18. Find causes or organizations together to support either by fundraising or by simply sharing the organization’s message. You can take turns in choosing an organization to support.
  19. Build a LEGO set without following any instructions.
  20. Try to do some Science experiments together.
  21. Create a journal together and leave notes for one another. Put them somewhere where you both will be surprised to find it.
  22. Get a tattoo of one of your daughter’s drawings.
  23. Put on a puppet show together.
  24. Dance together in your living room while others are watching.
  25. Ride a hot air balloon together.
  26. Go on a road trip together.
  27. Go out of the country together.
  28. Watch a Broadway show together.
  29. Go shopping together one weekend.
  30. Enroll in a painting class.
  31. Go on a local sporting event of her choice.
  32. Experience trap and skeet shooting together.
  33. Prepare food and goodies together and give them to the poor.
  34. Create a speech and tell each other how special you are to one another.
  35. Talk about the future. About her dreams, about boys, about girls, and others.

Your list could go on for as long as you both like. As your daughter continues to grow, you will both be able to discover new and amazing things to add up to your list. You won’t be able to slow down time, but you can create many moments to treasure with your daughter forever. One day, you will find yourselves reminiscing about all the things you’ve done and experienced that are included in your bucket list. These are the things that will always remind you of the times you’ve spent together.