The Benefits of Taking a Technology Break

Technology is both valuable and dangerous. Once you allow it to control your daily activities fully, technology ceases to be helpful. It will ruin your work, relationship, and studies and bring disastrous impact to your personality and, worse, health.

Social Media Anxiety Disorder is a recent type of disorder affecting the psychological aspect of a person brought by too much exposure or attachment to technology, specifically social media. This type of disorder includes depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Spending so much time on our computers and smartphones robs us of real human interaction.

Our mobile phones have become more distracting in terms of our natural way of social interactions. We may be connected to more people online, but we become less connected to the people around us. 

We are bothered by the idea of staying in the loop. We feel that we missed more of what’s going on in this world. Thus, we clutch our phones everywhere, scrolling through our feeds so we won’t be left behind on everything, even the most mundane or trivial stuff.


Interestingly, various studies have pointed out the apparent harm due to technology and mobile phone addiction. A total of 84 percent of mobile users said they could not go a day without their phones. Another 67 percent mobile users check their phones even it is not ringing. One research revealed that cell phone users check their phones every 6.5 minutes. At the same time, 88 percent of American consumers are using their cell phones while watching television. Nearly half of mobile users have slept with their devices next to their bed because they do not want to miss messages or calls.

Instead of having a serious conversation with our loved ones or friends, we always think about reaching for our phones. We don’t even bother finding pleasure in striking a conversation with a stranger when we are lining up either in a grocery store or in a booth.

A study said that our brain would release the happy hormones called endorphins once a notification or an email appears in our gadget. However, nothing is still comparable to the kind of pleasure you will get from your real-world relationships.

Too much dependence on technology also has a dangerous impact on your physical health. If you spend too much time staring at your phone screen, it will lead to eye strain and discomfort. Spending more time hunching over your desk will result in body strain, particularly in your back or neck area.

Excessive use of technology can also lead to a lack of physical inactivity. More, too much screen time will alter your sleep quality. Too much technology will be disastrous because it will affect your health.

Man holding his mobile

It is better to have a digital detox if you start feeling groggy in the morning and continue to pass yawns as you head into your workplace or school. Taking a break from your screen time will allow you to balance your life in digital and real-world situations. If you are serious about this, you have to think of radical self improvement in your lifestyle.

In this manner, you will minimize stress, anxiety, multitasking, and other physical discomforts. More, you will have time to reconnect with the special people in your life.


Some tips to achieve technology break 

Be ready

We know it is a struggle to keep your phone or technological devices away from you. The current way of communication requires technology. You can always have your phone if you need to contact your spouse or children. That is why you have to be realistic about where or when you will start your technology break. 

For a start, you can use your computer while at work but make sure that you are disconnected from social media applications like Facebook, YouTube, and other unnecessary online platforms while accomplishing your office tasks.

Find another way to start your day

If your habit is to check your mobile phone immediately after you wake up, you have to find another morning routine.

Instead of reaching your phone from your bed, you can start by going out from your room and make your breakfast. You can also open the window and enjoy the morning sun or the fresh morning air. An exercise routine is also another way of avoiding your phone right after getting off your bed.

Set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ mode

You can set your phone to “do not disturb” mode if it is already bedtime. In this way, you’ll get rid of the non-stop notifications and the glowing blue light emitted from your phone. Make sure to have it in a proper schedule so your phone would not wake you up with the unnecessary message or call alerts.

Choose a specific period of the day to power down your gadgets

Find a schedule in any part of the day where you unplug your gadget or when you log off from your social media accounts. Choose the perfect time for it. It could be in between your lunch or right after your dinner time. Stick on your schedule whatever it takes.

The Bottomline

Self-discipline is the key for you to be successful in your technology break. While technology helps simplify our lives, we should also be smart enough to know what makes our lives worth living.