Fun Summer Ideas for Dads and Kids

It’s important for dads to spend time with their kids once in a while because it helps in boosting children’s physical and mental development. Plus, it can also take away all the stress you have from busy days at work. Summer is the best time to bond with your kids because they are on vacation from school. If you’re thinking of some fun summer activities that you and your kids can enjoy, here are some that we can recommend.

Dad hiking with child

1. Hiking

Hiking through woodlands is one of the great activities that children will enjoy with dads during the summer. You can find a local forest preserve with hiking trails. Make sure to pack all the essentials such as a sunscreen, first aid kits, jackets, and snacks. Also, when taking your kids for a hike, you should let someone know about your plans, where you’re going, and when you plan to go home.

2. Camping

Camping is another fun way to spend the whole day and night with your kids. There’s no need for you to pack up a car, find a long distance, and go to a secluded camping ground to enjoy. It’s because you can simply pitch a tent in the backyard. It actually does not matter where you go camping because the important thing is to spend some quality time together. Plus, camping in the backyard is safer and convenient.

3. Fishing

If you enjoy fishing, your kids will surely love to try it out as well. There’s no need for you to spend a lot of money when you go fishing with your kids. You can let them use a cane pole instead of purchasing an expensive fishing tackle. But you should also check with your county or state first if they require a fishing license.

4. Swimming

Dad and daughter at the beach

Of course, one of the best activities to do in the summer is to go swimming. It is also the most family-friendly sport during the summer season. Also, if your children are still too young to go fishing, you can take them for a swim instead. You and your kids can head out to the nearest local pool, lake, beach where swimming is allowed. Remember to bring your sunscreen to protect everyone from getting sunburned.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Setting up a game of scavenger hunt is another fun activity that you can do in the summer. You can plant some clues on some landmarks in your neighborhood that your kids are familiar with. Once they found all the clues, they will be able to dins a bag of treats waiting for them. You will have fun setting up the game and your kids will enjoy hunting for clues.

6. Volunteer

Another great way to bond with your kids in the summer is through volunteering. There are many volunteer opportunities you can find in communities such as different organizations, churches, and as well as government bodies. But aside from those, you and your kids can simply ask your neighbors or your friends if you can be of any help.

7. Bowling

You can also take your kids out for bowling as it is another family-friendly sport. Your kids will surely have fun competing with one another in shoving a ball between the bumpers. After bowling, you can all eat in your favorite fast food restaurant.

8. Build Something

If you and your kids do not want to go out of the house in the summer because of the heat, you can still bond together by building things. For example, you can build a fort in your living room or in the backyard. You can also create a stage and organize a show for the whole family. The goal of this activity is to create something from their imaginations.

9. Cook Out

Since dads are considered as the kings of the grill, you can plan a cookout with your kids. You can have your kids prepare all the things needed. You and your kids can prepare barbecues and other dishes you can enjoy. You can even set up an inflatable pool in your backyard where you can chill out while enjoying the foods you prepared.

These are the best summertime bonding ideas we can recommend for dads and kids. These activities are not just for the summer season but in fact for any time. You can choose one or more from these or maybe create your very own dad and kids summer bonding activities as well.