So Your Kid Wants to be a YouTube Star?

Why does my kid want his own YouTube channel?

For a lot of children, YouTube has become a major part of their screen time. It’s the land of music videos, funny pet videos, and vloggers sharing video game tips. Yes, they know that there are TV and cable, but they get most of their screen entertainment from YouTube. And kids who … Read more

Fun Science Experiment Ideas for Kids Under the Age of 10

Kids Under the Age of 10

If you’re thinking about bonding with your little ones in your free time, aside from watching movies and playing video games, you might want to try doing different science experiments with them. If you have kids under the age of ten, here are awesome science experiments you can conduct with them. More … Read more

How to Be a Great Dad Tutor

Great Dad Tutor

Being a dad isn’t just about working for the family and sending the kids to a good school. Aside from the dad duties you have, you can also be a tutor to your kids. Children can learn a lot of things at home, aside from the lessons they learn at school, and … Read more

Fun Tips for Reading Books to Your Kids

Fathers Always Matter Reading Books

One of the fun and educational bonding moments you can have with your daughter and son are reading books. Books are usually read to children before bedtime. But did you know that more than being a good sleep inducer, reading books to them is also beneficial in other ways? Reading books to … Read more