What Flowers To Choose To Decorate Your Apartment For Receiving Guests?

A bouquet of flowers can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. But besides this, flowers can also be a sophisticated decoration for any special event. Table setting and home decor using a flower basket and flower composition is a stylish and original solution that will create a festive atmosphere.

What to choose for table decor

You should not choose large and bulky bouquets for table decoration. Order a bouquet from the small flowers or ask florist at the flower shop to craft a tiny flower composition – it would be the best solution. They will not block the dishes as well as guests from each other. When purchasing large bouquets from flower shops, guests will have to look out and stand up to reach food and socialize.

It is better to place bouquets not in the center of the table, but along the edges. So they definitely won’t bother anyone,

If you don’t want to place bouquets on tables, then you can limit yourself to boutonnieres on plates or on napkins with cutlery. This decor will look very sophisticated, light, and fresh. Ideal for a spring holiday. In addition, each guest can take these boutonnieres with them as a souvenir. A nice bonus from a wonderful evening.

You can place small round glass vases on the table and place cute arrangements of chrysanthemums or alstroemerias in them. By the way, alstroemerias are pretty popular in Dubai, since after being oversaturated with urban chic, such flowers look gentle, simple and tasteful, unlike meter-long scarlet roses. So once you’re waiting for guests in your apartment in Dubai, order alstroemeria Dubai from flower shop DJFlowers. Such bouquet will look light and weightless on the holiday table.

If you show creativity and imagination, you can even place flowers in bowls, cups, or fruit baskets. The main thing is to think about convenience and compatibility. There are no restrictions in your creative approach; you can show your taste to the maximum.

You can combine flowers with the interior of the room, tablecloth, or holiday theme. For example, if the table is covered with a white tablecloth, you can put both bright scarlet flowers and delicate pastel ones on it. It all depends on the occasion, the environment, and your preferences.

Arrange flowers

And don’t forget about living green plants. Always try to fill your home with flowers – they help create coziness and are very inexpensive.

Some important tips

For the bouquet not to be an absurd spot in the interior, but to become its continuation, you need to take into account several important points:

Style and size of the room. If your interior is designed in a classic style, it is better to place a vase with a bouquet of roses or lilies. A creative and bright interior, on the contrary, can be complemented with gerberas, carnations, or lilacs. The larger the interior, the larger the bouquet should be, and vice versa.

Personal preferences. Of course, you need to order flowers that you like the most. This will make it pleasant to return home and enjoy comfort.

Functional features of the interior. Purchase bouquet of flowers depending on how the room is used. Sunflowers, gladioli, or tulips are perfect for the kitchen. Their smell will not interrupt the aromas of cooked food. And for the living room, you can order more fragrant flowers like roses, peonies, and lilacs for delivery.

Vessel for flowers. Oddly enough, this also plays a big role. A well-chosen vessel for a bouquet can transform the entire composition and extend the life of the flowers. For tall flowers, a narrow long vase made of glass or ceramic is suitable. For large lush buds, on the contrary, it is better to choose a wide and low vase. If you show a little imagination, you can come up with original containers for flowers. For example, peeled pumpkin or watermelon, tree bark, etc.

When ordering a composition for your interior, first of all, you need to think about harmony. It should be in the same style as the surrounding environment and its aroma should create a pleasant atmosphere in the house. To complement the flowers, you can use pine cones, cotton, various tree branches, etc. And to add more airy vibe to the room, you may order a big transparent balloon or balloon composition. This will become the highlight of the interior.


Flowers are beautiful creations of nature. They delight, add comfort, and transform everything around them. Ordering fresh flower delivery can make any interior more comfortable and beautiful. You want to be in it and create something. The aroma of flowers relaxes and gives strength and energy for new things.