What Are Potential Mistakes with Manhattan Car Shipping

Regardless of finding the most reputable auto transport company with the most competitive rates, it’s essential to understand the carrier’s regulations to avoid potential mistakes.

It can be hectic trying to think of everything when planning a long-distance move from New York, particularly Manhattan, one of the largest and busiest cities in the state. Investing in shipping your car is wise to be able to check one thing off a full to-do list.

Transporting a vehicle saves time, added wear and tear from the drive across the country, extra mileage, toll charges along the way, excessive fuel prices, accommodation and food costs when stopping for breaks, and on.

When planning your car shipping, it’s wise to do so roughly four weeks early. This way, you can review the shipping service protocol and your responsibilities as the car owner to avoid the possibility of missing details, leaving you at risk for the car being rejected for transport or problems while in transit.

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What Are Common Mistakes with Auto Transport Services in New York

Many times, car owners moving from Manhattan wait until the last minute to book car shipping services after managing the most critical elements of their relocation. The problem when handling auto transport hurriedly is the potential for missed details leading to a rejected vehicle or issues in transit.

It’s suggested by those in the car shipping industry to book roughly four weeks before the scheduled departure to ensure the experience is successful. What common errors are most often seen in the auto transport business? Here are a few.

The documents provided are the wrong ones

The bill of lading is a critical document that a responsible car shipping service will complete in the transport process. The car owner needs to provide a certificate of insurance and vehicle registration to prove a relationship with the auto and an authority to transport it.

These should be given to the carrier in the proper order with the inspection report sufficiently completed. The shipping service can perform the inspection noting any damage before continuing with delivery. The driver will do another review after arrival to be sure no damage occurred while in transit.

Preparing the right paperwork is critical to ensure the right steps are followed when moving your car. If there’s no inspection report, an inspection can’t happen.

Without the registration and insurance documentation, there’s the potential for the vehicle to be rejected by a reputable carrier based on lack of owner validation.

A now-show for vehicle pick-up and drop-off

A common problem with car owners is not showing up when the vehicle is picked up, or once it arrives. With car shipping in New York, the potential for damage exists particularly if an incorrect destination is supplied. It’s important to be there for the auto’s inspection with the carrier to ensure all damage details are noted.

While everyone appreciates the driver’s skill and expertise for trusted transport companies, scratches, paint chips, dents, and dings can inadvertently get missed when doing an inspection report.

You’ll be able to point out the damage when the car is picked up, monitor the progress while in transit and visually check for new occurrences with delivery. This way a claim can be submitted if the carrier is responsible for damage.

Make sure the vehicle is empty

Make sure the vehicle is empty

Car shipping services are prohibited from transporting vehicles packed with personal effects. An insurance claim won’t cover these if damage occurs while in transit. When the Department of Transport inspects the carrier on the road, the items in the vehicle could be seized.

If a carrier allows car owners to add even a few personal containers, it’s important to keep the boxes to a minimum, put them in the trunk out of sight or below the window’s line of view. When not visible the potential for theft or loss is reduced.

These items should also be secured in place in case the car shifts or slides on from riding on highways or streets undergoing maintenance or needing repair. Read here for expert transport tips.

Final Thought

When moving from New York the priority is to start considering car shipping services approximately four weeks before the vehicle needs to be transported.

That will require working with an organized, reliable transport company that follows stringent protocols for delivery and ensures the car owner is aware of their responsibilities. The key as the owner is following the guidelines to avoid missing key details in the process.

When everything is handled correctly, and on time, the driver will be less likely to reject the car and have fewer problems while traveling to the destination. Auto transport is meant to be a convenient alternative to driving and can be simple and straightforward when everyone is on the same page.