Here’s Your Comprehensive Litter Box Guide

It is wrong to generalize when talking about pets like felines and canines. This is especially because there are several breeds and they all have their peculiarities.

For example, Abyssinians are one feline breed that would qualify as very extroverted. They love to have the time of their lives having as much fun as they can. This is not the case for some other breeds. Maine Coon and British Shorthair cats are perfect examples.

They are very loving considering how affectionate they can be. However, they can be very reserved as well.

In light of this, you can see how it is wrong to say something like “cats are introverted in nature”. This is because there are several breeds and they have their behavioral and temperamental uniqueness. If you would like to know more about felines that are introverted, you can read this article.

Having established the need to understand the peculiarities of cats based on their breeds, you would still notice that there are a few things that cut across many of them. One of such is their demanding nature when it comes to their litter box.

This is why feline owners need to understand how to choose the ideal kind. Things to consider in getting the right kind will be discussed here and so you are advised to keep reading. You should also pay rapt attention as you read so that you can end up with the right one for your cat(s).

Considerations When Choosing a Litter Box


The litter box means a lot to your cat. It is for this reason you should do all reasonably possible to get the right one. To this end, here are some things you should consider to make sure you get the right one for your feline companion:

Consider Your Cat’s Size

All cats are not the same size. Generally speaking, there are small, medium, and large breed felines. This means that they need a litter box that is fitting for them (size-wise).

More often than not, the small breeds are fine with small ones. Also, the large breeds are fine with large ones. However, there are exceptions. There are cases when small breeds prefer very large litter boxes. There are also cases when large and medium breeds prefer litter boxes that are not too large.

Choose the Right Entrance Height

More often than not, semi-high entrances are good enough for most cats. However, there are a few exceptions. For instance, a feline companion that has mobility issues might find it difficult to use this kind of litter box.

So, you might need to get something with an entrance that is a lot lower. This is also the same issue when kittens are involved. At that stage, they cannot do so much climbing. So, you are advised to get something with a very low entrance.

This is very important so that you can successfully teach the kittens how to make good use of the litter box. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Choose Something that can be Cleaned Easily

As much as you want to get something suitable for your feline companion, you should consider yourself as well. This is because you would be the one throwing out the feline’s waste.

For this reason (at least), make sure what you get can be easily cleaned. This is important especially considering the nature of most cats. They are quite hygienic and would be opposed to using something that is not thoroughly cleaned. So, go for something that can be easily cleaned.

Choose the Right Interior

The interior of the litter box is one of those things that make a cat attracted or opposed to using this item. In some cases, the feline might want an interior with a hard feel. In other cases, the feline might want something with a soft feel.

Regardless of what the cat wants, there is always a way to go about it. This is especially by choosing the right kind of litter.

Smell Factor

You should do all reasonably possible to dispose of the cat’s waste on time. Other than this, you should go for a litter box that handles smell well.

You should know that some products are good in this regard. They are designed to keep the waste smell away so the place does not smell awkward.

Aesthetic Appeal

It does not hurt to have one that looks good. We are talking of the kind that complements the design around as well. This is why you might want to consider a good litter box furniture as it can offer this without compromising on functionality.

Other Things to Know

There are other factors that can help you make good use of your cat litter box. Some of them include the following:

Station the Litter Box in the Right Spot

The refusal of the cat to use this item might not be because it is not good enough. It could also be because it is not stationed in the right spot.

You are advised to station it somewhere that is not secluded but not noisy as well. The restroom or even the hallway can suffice.

Keep It Away from the Cat’s Food

Most cats are neat. So, keeping your feline’s food close to this item would discourage the cat from using the box. This could also discourage the cat from eating the meal.


You need to provide your feline with a suitable environment as a cat owner. A good litter box is one of those things that make up a conducive environment for felines and this has been discussed here. You are advised to make the most of this information so that you end up with the right cat litter box.