4 Luxury Home Ideas

Taking pride in your home is an exercise of self-satisfaction and pleasure. Your home represents who you are and where you are in life. It shows your personality, and when you invite people into your space, they can see your sense of style, memories and what you love in the world. It is important, therefore, to invest in your home décor, collecting items that really pull the rooms together and represent a realized home vision. The following is a list of ideas to help inspire your dream living space and provide methods of bringing it to reality.


Lighting can improve your mood in a heartbeat, provided it is warm ambience or clear and bright (depending on your needs). Unlit spaces can appear drab and gloomy, transforming even the most well-furnished of rooms into cramped, unattractive boxes. Sources of natural light have physical and psychological benefits, as they reduce eye strain and improve moods. Light furnishings within the home should cover a harsh naked bulb, while allowing lots of light to permeate through and be aesthetically pleasing. Table and floor lamps can be stylish additions to any room and add splashes of color or texture to build dimension.


Carpeting is a lovely way to introduce texture throughout your home. High quality rugs and carpets can last for years upon years and provide gorgeous feeling flooring which matches your aesthetic and home color scheme. Rugs provide subtle accents which can be muted as one color or be boldly patterned for an amazing focal point which draws the eye and impresses upon guests your sense of style and personality.


Pieces of art really diversify blank walls or empty spaces, and infuse your home with culture – reflecting your interests with an aesthetic flair which can be both classic, traditional forms or more contemporary abstract pieces to inspire and provoke feeling and thought. Art is not simply limited to paintings, but vases, sculptures and tapestries are all gorgeous ways to accent a home.

Home Décor

Accessories really make a house feel like a home. These small accents can create a unifying thread of style across different rooms and reveal personality and a level of taste which elevates your space into one that others will envy. To exhibit real class, visit SSENSE to shop homeware by Versace – a luxury brand which offers a selection of items to transform your home into an elegant and interesting Italian mode of living. Versace Home is a creative line with a bold, dignified aesthetic – gorgeous patterns melded with high quality materials to make your home feel and look sophisticated. Homeware is a brilliant but subtle way of designing a curated vision for your home.

We hope this list supplied a wealth of new ideas to spruce up your home and create a space to be proud of. Investing in your home is fantastic for your mental wellbeing, as you spend a lot of your personal time relaxing or pursuing passions and interests within your home, so it’s well worth it.