Top 5 Gifts Men Actually Want In 2021

Getting Him Something He Likes

Not only do the tastes of society at large shift year over year, those who get gifts find they receive variations on a theme with regularity. How many fathers got a tie for Father’s Day over the last sixty years? Is this one holiday what keeps the tie industry afloat? Before smoking had become taboo, ashtrays were popular Father’s Day gifts.

Well, 2021 is upon us, and there are some very novel options that many haven’t thought about. If you really want to surprise the man in your life, be he father, spouse, brother, or son, these are some man-sized gifts that he’ll love.

1. Did You Know You Can Give Someone Cryptocurrency?

You can buy a few hundred or a few thousand dollars in cryptocurrency, and give it to the man in your life. He’ll love that just out of the curiosity factor alone. Now the investment is likely going to fluctuate. Bitcoin is expected to go high by the end of 2021 and crash sometime later in early 2022. Nobody knows what’s really going to happen, but these are present projections.

So if you give it to him, he doesn’t have to worry about any risk, and he can “play” with it. He gets to see how cryptocurrency works without losing any money, and you don’t have to worry about the investment after the fact. Heck, if he does good enough, you may even get some of that money back; but of course don’t say that.

Also, there are multiple cryptocurrencies available. Sure, there’s BitCoin, but there’s also Ethereum and Dogecoin. In fact, there are dozens of crypto options out there. If you really want to have fun, set him up with a Coinbase account and buy him five dollars in each type. (Though, you might have to set up your own account and help him set up his transfer.)


2. A Video Drone

Drones are hot, they’re fun, they’re practical, they can be used in a variety of ways, and they have become increasingly affordable as their popularity expands. If he hasn’t already played with a drone, get him one with video capability. Some are pretty cost-effective. This man-toy ends up being kind of like a real-life video game.

3. The Timeless Classic: A Solid Wallet

Though styles come and go, there is always room for a classic gift like a pocket knife or a multi-tool doing compound duty as a pen, razor, ruler, and laser. Combs, ties, cufflinks, fine shoes, gloves, jackets, khakis—all have their place. Dad will probably love a watch, while your uncle can almost always use beer. Then there’s that staple of staples, the leather wallet.

It’s a pretty simple move, but a good, solid, roomy wallet with a fine design or totally plain (depending on the preferences of the man you’re buying for), can be a fine gift. Wallets tend to wear out in one to five years; they’re carried everywhere and often over-stuffed. So you might explore sellers like Real Mens Wallets for deals; sometimes you can buy several as a gift.


4. Make Him Something Yourself

Young children who make an ashtray for their parents in pottery class are endearing even if neither parent is a smoker. Making something with power tools will be appreciable regardless of what that something is. If you’re artistic, you might paint him something, or sew something. Gift certificates for varying “services” like chores or what-have-you also have their place.

5. A Digital Weightlifting Set

Here’s a gift for the man of the future: digital weightlifting sets. These use a “smart” screen that looks either like Godzilla’s smartphone or a stand-up mirror, take your pick, and weight handles connected to cables connected to weights within the stand-up screen. As muscular thresholds expand, so also does resistance on the weights.

A variety of different exercises are put on display, and the device walks the person exercising through them, helping them more scientifically manage gains. Also, even if the gift is for him, there’s a high likelihood you’ll get a chance to use it as well. It’s a win-win all the way around, and it’s a groundbreaking gift that is just now becoming “hot”.

Finding Just The Right Gift For The Man In Your Life This Year

So there’s a lot to work with in 2021. You can get your man a digital weightlifting set, make him something, find him a fine wallet, pick up a video drone, give him the gift of cryptocurrency, or whatever you think will most suit him.

Classic” gifts have their place, but there are plenty of “new” options as well which can be very exciting. Whatever you think will be the best option, take your time and choose something you know he’ll love.