Must-Have Gears and Tools When Going Camping

As seasons transition to warmer days, it becomes a lot more exciting to plan for outdoor trips. One of the most popular activities to do is camping. While you can’t wait to pack your tent, lounge chairs, and other fun items, you shouldn’t forget to prepare your protective gear as well.

Having a list of what to bring is especially important if you’re new to camping. Keep in mind that you’re going to be outdoors and will most likely be in a location where emergency care will not be easily accessible.

Here are some of the more crucial protective gear and emergency kit items you might need while camping.

Outdoor-Appropriate Outfit

The only thing you should factor in when planning your outfit during your trip is to be comfortable. Whether you’re hiking for a few short miles or driving to the campsite in your RV, wear something that would be easy to move in.

Ideally, however, you should wear items that could cover your arms and legs. Cargo or sweat pants, leggings, and long-sleeved shirts are good items to wear for camping. It’s not only to protect against too much sun exposure, but it’s also to protect against thorny bushes or plants that could trigger your allergies.

While you’re at it, pack trusty headwear, too, to protect against the shade and facial sunburn. A snug-fit cap is also suitable for providing shade to your face from the sun.

Headlamps, Reflectors, and Lamps

This is important, especially if you’re anticipating a night trek or hike. Even if you’re going to stay in the camp, it would still be helpful to have these light sources available. There are reflector strips that can be attached to clothing to help make you visible in the dark.

The lamps are, of course, for lighting up your camp. There are solar ones that you can take with you, but to be safe, you might also bring batteries.

Navigation Equipment

Even if you don’t intend to stray too far away from camp, it’s good to have a navigation system on you. Ideally, you should study the layout of your camp, as well as the landmarks leading to and from it.

Navigation maps, GPS devices, satellite messengers, and personal locator beacons help ensure that you can easily find your way.

All-in-One Knife Gear Kit

It’s a knife, but also a cork, but also a pair of scissors, and etcetera. Swiss Army knives are helpful for camping. It’s got most of the essential tools you need in one tiny package. Keep it hand on you to make the most out of it.