5 Important Checklists for Buying a Dog for Beginners

Falling in head over heels with puppies and deciding to purchase one is all in all very easy. The adorable faces and the warmth they give to the hearts in the first sight is all that it really takes. But in reality, there’s more when it comes to making the decision for buying a dog. Right from the availability of space in your home to the time you can dedicate, you should consider each factor. Unlike other pets like fish and cats, dogs demand for constant attention and love.

Significant Factors to Know Before Buying a Dog

Buying a dog demands for a lot of forethought. Knowing beforehand about what you should expect to experience and dedicate will prove to be extremely helpful. This way, you will also be able to balance the different sectors of your daily schedule. Hence, here are five of those significant factors that you should know and consider before buying a furry friend:

  1. Sufficient space: Who doesn’t love to have their own space, right? Everybody does and so do these beautiful animals. If you have a backyard or a lawn, your friend would enjoy playing in the area for many hours of the day. If you live in a city and do not have such generous outdoor space, then terrace and spacious rooms would be enough as well. Being locked inside a house for days only tends to demoralize dogs. Hence, you should have the space where they can feel the sun, breathe in fresh air and feel Mother Earth beneath their feet.

  1. Time: This is one of the most significant factors and this should be taken seriously. If you do not have the time, you should not buy a dog, period. However, if you really want one but cannot manage all the time of the day, you should at least have someone who can take care of your friend(s). They require company throughout the day and also the chance to be out on a walk at least thrice a week. Additionally, they should receive their meals on time because a hungry dog has higher risks of falling prey to mood swings and other health concerns.

  1. Money: When buying a dog, the money you give to the seller would only mark the commencement of spending money. Hence, you should definitely question to yourself before buying a dog – Can I afford it? Now you may wonder as to why budget plays an important factor here. Well, you need the same to not only buy monthly dog foods, but also for their vaccinations, grooming products and weekly treats. Your furry friend can be prone to a number of diseases and hence, you should plan for quarterly check-ups.

  1. Buy or Adopt: With the rising concerns about animal cruelty, the consideration of adopting a dog instead of buying is in trend. This not only helps a needy dog to find a good home, but also allows the owner to learn more about animal cruelty. You can approach rescue organisations or take help of social media platforms for the same. However, if there are no dogs for adoption and you are willing to buy one, you can consider several online stores today. They list out the available breeds with them along with prices and the availability as per the different areas.

  1. Type of Breed: Lastly but importantly, you should decide on the type of dog or breed you wish to buy or adopt. This is a necessary consideration because there are different sized, aged and breeds of dogs. You can click on PuppyJoy.net to understand the different types of dogs you can come across today. Ranging from small sized dogs to big sized ones who are even used in the defence sectors, you can easily find any breed today. But you should decide the type you will be able to handle and give complete care through the rest of his or her life.

Types of Dogs to Consider for Beginners

Each dog breed has its unique behaviour and temperament from the others. This includes the energy, patience and playfulness levels among many other traits. Hence, you should think about which type of dog will fit in your family and area. If you have children, you should again give it a better thought and go for the ideal breed. What you can do here is learn the different patterns from the different dogs owned by people around you. This will offer you a clear perspective and help you make a choice quickly.

Some of the popular dog breeds that you can easily find around and also consider to purchase are:

  1. Beagle: The robust breed is rather affectionate and is great with children.

  2. Shih Tzu: Cute, alert and playful, Shih Tzus are toy dogs who make for wonderful companions. They also demand for regular affection from owners.

  3. Golden Retriever: A popular family dog, Golden Retrievers are charming, loyal as well as playful.

  4. German Shepherd: This breed is popular as a sporting dog and is known for its fearless and courageous traits.

  5. Labrador: Labradors are not only intelligent, but they also have excellent tracking skills.

  6. Pug: Pugs are popular among families and make for the perfect family pet.

  7. Corgi: Happy dogs who are also smart, sturdy and healthy, corgi are popular house dogs and love to stay independent.

  8. Siberian Husky: Popular for its wolf-like appearance, huskies are energetic, magnificent and really adorable. They are active in nature and hence, demands for regular exercise.

Now remember, there are many platforms for buying your furry friend(s) and hence, you should choose the ideal one carefully. You should get every detail based on the birth, health and health of its parents to be aware about anything that would be helpful in the future. Additionally, maintain a report card or diary of the different food and mood patterns that you find in your pup. This too would play a significant role to understand the reasons behind any changes in health.