How to quickly send an international payment online

International payments and transfers are one of the most popular financial services in the world. The international payment system allows you to quickly and safely send and receive funds, regardless of your location and time.

The best international payment system

The best international payment system is one that allows financial transactions to take place quickly and securely. The WestStein financial platform is perfect for carrying out various financial transactions – paying for purchases in online stores, booking tickets, for business payments, as well as for making international money transfers. Transfers are made in euros, which is very convenient for countries that are members of the European Union.

Sending an international transfer through the WestStein system is guaranteed to be safe and fast. The popularity of the service is growing every day, since financial transactions can be carried out on it in more than 200 countries around the world.

Send an international payment online

Sending finances to the recipient through the system will not take much time. In just a few minutes, the sender will receive a notification of receipt. In order to use the best translation system, you must undergo mandatory registration on the official WestStein website. After confirming the information, you will have access to your personal account, where all information about transactions on your account will be visible. Along with the account, the client receives an online WestStein current account, which can be managed from any gadget on which the application is installed.

Along with the account, the client receives a virtual card, and its plastic counterpart will arrive at the specified address in 10 days.

Before transferring an international payment, you must make sure that the recipient has the card to which he expects the transfer to have an IBAN code. The sender must know the account or card number, as well as the recipient’s last name and first name. After the money is credited to the recipient’s card, the sender will receive a notification that it has been withdrawn and credited to the recipient.

To receive a transfer, the recipient must provide his payment information to the sender in any convenient way.

Many of our clients have appreciated the WestStein service and recognized it as the most convenient, reliable and safe. Choose WestStein – enjoy the best service!