What Are the Different Types of Links for SEO Campaigns?

If you are looking for a way to build a stronger online presence, then it is important to focus on every aspect of search engine optimization. When people think about SEO, they usually think about keyword research. Even though keyword targets, placement, and density are all important, it is also important for you to think about the quality of your links. This starts with learning about the different types of backlinks that are available. What are some of the most common types of backlinks that you should consider? There are a few examples that rise to the surface, including those that come from buying backlinks at Vazoola.

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The Editorial Backlink

One of the most valuable backlinks that you can obtain is something called an editorial backlight. These are the best types of SEO links because they come from specific editorial mentions. This takes place when another website makes a referral to your website as a location of high-quality content. Some of the most common examples of editorial backlinks include:

  • An interview that takes place with someone associated with your team
  • Including your website as a list as part of a link group
  • Referring to your website as the creator of an image or video that is displayed on another website
  • Fighting someone or something from your website as a source of valuable information

If you are able to obtain multiple editorial backlinks, your ranking will rise quickly.

The Guest Blogging Backlink

Another common type of backlink that you might want to consider is links that come from guest blogging. Writing a guest post is another great way to acquire backlinks. This type of link is obtained exactly as it sounds. You will submit a guest post to another website. Then, you are usually allowed to include one or more editorial backlinks as a part of your content. As a result, the guest post goes up on another website with one or more links back to your own website. This is a great way that you can build trust in the online world. You will position your website as an authority by producing influential publications. There are plenty of guest blogs out there on which you can post. The more of them you use, the better your ranking is going to be.

Acknowledgment Backlinks

This type of backlink is often overlooked; however, it is still very important. An acknowledgment link goes up when a website mentions you and link to your website when they are referencing something that you may have sponsored. Even though there might not be as much content related to your company, it is still a valuable link. An editorial link might mention that your brand made a donation, might include a testimonial from someone from your team, and also might indicate that your brand is sponsoring an event that is coming up. Even though this might not be as valuable as an editorial link, it is still incredibly important when it comes to your overall ranking.

The Press Release Link

Another important length that you should consider is something called a press release link. Exactly as it sounds, this is a link that you get when your company has a new product or service that you are releasing. You might reach out to a local news outlet and publish a press release through them. Importantly, you should only distribute press releases when your brand actually has something worthy to share. This strategy can gain links on the physical press release in addition to links back to the original story from other media outlets.

Try To Obtain As Many Links As Possible, But Focus on Value

In order for you to improve your online presence, you need to position your website as an authority in the industry and provide value. That is exactly where links come in handy. Make sure that you have a firm campaign and plays when it comes to acquiring links in addition to keywords. You should take a well-rounded strategy when it comes to search engine optimization. With a comprehensive SEO St George campaign, you will be able to maintain an edge over most of your competitors, remaining one step ahead of them.