UN Wants 10% of World’s Income to Be Collected to Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic

The world has suffered a lot because of coronavirus cases being on the rise since the year 2020. The United Nations wanted to help the poor countries in the world who were suffering more than the developed ones. The countries that were developed but able to finance their medical facilities in this pandemic, whereas the countries that could not cope up with the medical facilities were left helpless. This is the reason that the United Nations decided to request 10% of the annual income of the entire world to be used to tackle this pandemic.

The general secretary of the United Nations himself demanded that the entire world should come together and fight this pandemic. He even went to the lengths of creating a fund that will only be utilized to tackle this pandemic. This great man has a humble personality who wants to serve the world during these tough times. It was his innovative vision that led to this decision of asking nations to contribute at least 10% of their income to this Noble cause.

The reason behind making this fund is to ensure that the poorest nations in the world are also able to tackle this pandemic with possible credit. The countries with scarce resources were unable to fight this pandemic in the first place. It is the reason that the true figures of the overall coronavirus-positive patients could not be realized in the first place. This COVID-19 fund will be dedicated to being used as a stimulus package plan for the nations who are in dire need of it.

More participants from low- and middle-income countries call for strong global solidarity and international cooperation for communities severely affected by the epidemic. Researchers pointed out that the economic and social impact of the new epidemic may cause many countries to turn their attention to their problems and cause global cooperation to reverse.

The new pandemic has not only caused an unprecedented health crisis, economic and social impact, but also attracted global attention; hate speech, the proliferation of false information, and the public’s lack of trust in governments and international institutions. Therefore, United Nations can innovate, become more inclusive, participatory, accountable, and effective, and at the same time make more reforms, become more representative and flexible.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a health crisis but also an economic crisis, humanitarian crisis, security crisis, and human rights crisis. This crisis has highlighted serious vulnerabilities and inequalities within and between countries. To get out of this crisis, a whole society, a whole government, and a whole world is driven by compassion, and unity are needed. And only one platform can combine the powers of the world and that is United Nations.

The United Nations budget stands at $3 billion per annum and this fund could raise more than $8.7 trillion. With this unprecedented amount, the overall impact of the coronavirus could be decreased manifold. This huge amount could be used for multiple purposes and can be dedicated to the purpose of the introduction of a vaccine as well. The United Nations itself is going to take care of the entire planning and utilization of this fund. The impact of the coronavirus needs to be minimized so that people can live their lives in peace.

World Health Organization (WHO) has been working tirelessly to ensure that this impact could be minimized. According to the general secretary of the UN, around $100 billion will be dedicated to WHO solely. The reason behind dedicated this huge amount to WHO is because they have the correct knowledge about the pandemic. This organization was one of the first ones to respond to this situation and asked the nations to respond promptly. Therefore, they must get the maximum amount to tackle this pandemic in the first place. The general secretary wants that people at WHO must come up with a plan for collecting the data about this pandemic and respond hardly.

Another major utilization of this fund can be to ensure that the businesses are up and running. The two-fold impact of businesses needs to be understood on a global level. The business is not only providing Employment Opportunities to the people but also provide food and other items in their homes. Businesses are the backbone of the global economy and they are suffering a lot because of coronavirus. The UN has been taking note of the entire situation and will direct the funds wherever deemed necessary.

The COVID-19 fund will help donors use the organization’s convening capabilities, real-time data, early warning systems, and technical expertise to provide direct support when and where it is most needed.

The primary task will circle providing medical facilities to the people who are in dire need of them. The sexual reproductive health services and other medical services will be covered with this fund. The United States has suffered a lot because of this coronavirus and the suffering has not stopped to date. The people even lost their medical insurances during this time and were unable to get themselves treated for any disease. It is good news for people who were looking to get themselves medical security which could be done with this income.

Multiple conspiracies are revolving around this collection of funds from the nations. These conspiracies have led to the reluctance of many nations to contribute to this cause. WHO was at one point even blamed for being the major organization that aided the spread of coronavirus? This false apprehension was because of their understatement about the coronavirus spread. This form of negligence coming in from a huge organization cannot go unrecognized by the common eye. This is the reason that WHO is looking into the matter and going to lengths to ensure that the origin can be identified.

UN member nations are required to contribute to the pandemic fund as it would help to alleviate the economic crisis of the world. This could happen from one platform and that is United Nations.