Tried & Tested Strategies To Avoid Daddy Burnout

When it comes to parental burnout, the balance seems to tip toward mommies. But daddies are equally vulnerable as they manage their families physically, financially, and emotionally. Long work hours make you a super-busy dad, and you may end up feeling guilty about not spending quality time with your kids. Conversely, trying too hard to give your best to your career and family can push you off the edge. Either way, there is a risk of impending burnout that can trigger physical and mental health issues. Luckily, you can prevent the situation by implementing some changes in your lifestyle and mindset. Here are a few tried and tested strategies to avoid daddy burnout.

Recognize early signs

Daddy burnout may happen at any time, but you can address it by acting early and preventing the situation from getting out of control. Watch out for impending signs of burnout to recognize it before it aggravates. Typically, these include fatigue, lethargy, restlessness, and insomnia. Try to determine the triggers leading to these signs and address them. For example, you can rework your daily schedule to get an extra hour of sleep if you feel too exhausted by the end of the day. 

Seek support from your spouse

Your spouse is the best support you can lean on because she shares the parental role with you. Although she may have her own set of challenges, work as a team to assist each other in every way. Mental support is even more crucial when it comes to dealing with parental burnout. Discuss your personal and parental concerns, and reach viable solutions to balance your parenting roles. Neither should bear an extra load, so be honest and open about your expectations.

Invest in self-care

Investing in self-care is essential to give your best as a partner, father, and professional. Practice kindness toward yourself by going the extra mile with your well-being. Do not skip meals, get enough exercise, and meditate for mental peace. You can try a wellness aid like CBD hemp oil to deal with your daily woes. CBD can help you in more than one way as it alleviates chronic pain, curbs stress, and induces better sleep. The best part is that it doesn’t get you high, so you need not worry about integrating it into your daily routine.

Get adequate sleep

Sleep is a savior when burnout seems to be around the corner. Ensure you get at least seven to eight hours of it every day, even if it means missing out on the late-night drinks with your buddies or co-workers. Maintain a regular sleep-wake schedule regardless of holidays and weekends. Steer clear of sleep-depriving habits like checking your gadgets, scrolling social media, or consuming too much caffeine in the evening. Embrace healthy rituals such as reading, meditation, warm showers, and herbal tea at bedtime. 

Spend quality time with family

Spending quality time with your loved ones is perhaps the easiest way to ditch the stress and avoid burnout eventually. Although finding time may sound like a challenge when you have a jam-packed schedule, the right intentions can do the trick. You can steal precious moments during family meals while driving kids to school, or reading to them at bedtime. Reserve a few hours for family time every weekend, and plan a vacation with loved ones every year. The better you bond with your clan, the more relaxed you feel. 

Schedule me-time

Besides prioritizing quality time with your family, you must schedule time alone for yourself. Spending time alone is therapeutic, and it can keep you sane and happy, despite your daily work stress and domestic responsibilities. Try to squeeze in an extra hour in a day and spend it doing something you like. You may go out for a solo morning walk, meditate during the lunch hour, or spend evenings tending to your plants. A weekend date with yourself is a good idea, and an annual solo trip is even better. Your loved ones will be more than happy to give you space when they realize how much you need it.

Busy daddies are likely to encounter burnout issues at some point, but there are ways to cope and prevent the situation altogether. You only need to take a realistic approach instead of trying too hard. Your loved ones accept you the way you are, so you need not try too hard to become a super-dad. Practice self-care and compassion to keep stress at bay and become the healthiest version of yourself. Most importantly, focus on having a good time with your family!