Top destinations to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is upon us once more. For many out there, Christmas means just one thing: a day at home spent with close family and friends with no desire to be anywhere else. For others though, Christmas means travel. It means an opportunity to either escape it all or to celebrate in an exotic, or at least sunnier, location.

With the statisticians at Betway Casino revealing how much we spend on Christmas gifts each year, what of the spending to get away from it all and celebrate elsewhere? Of course, this Christmas is a little unlike any other, but if we could all hop onto a plane and jet away, where are the top destinations to celebrate Christmas?


A traditional Christmas feel

If you’re seeking a change of scenery but still want to experience that true Christmassy feel, then you can’t go wrong with these 2 destinations:

1. Malta

Sunnier climes then back at home in the UK, but none of the magic that creates Christmas is lost because of this. The locals here are passionate about the true meaning of Christmas, and they are famous for their nativity scenes. Locals proudly open their window shutters and even garage doors to provide a glimpse of the stunning scenes that they have created.

Venture into Downtown Valletta and you’ll find Christmas lights that dazzle and amaze. The carol singing at Baroque St. Johns Cathedral really tops off an amazing Christmas experience.


Perhaps not the furthest flung of destinations, but what the Irish offer for Christmas is something not to be missed. We’ve all heard tales of how the locals know how to celebrate and what bigger celebration is there then Christmas?

With the drinks flowing, the Christmas cheer in Dublin is second to none. With stunning lights, ice rinks aplenty, and carols at St. Patricks Cathedral, Dublin has your Christmas covered.

Something further afield

Perhaps you’re looking to celebrate your Christmas a little further from home? That being the case, these destinations are well worth a look:

1. New York

As you’d expect from the city that never sleeps, New Yorkers know how to celebrate Christmas. A magical atmosphere with the most spectacular shop windows and display of Christmas lights, New York feels somewhat magical at Christmas.

If you’re in New York for Christmas, it, of course, makes sense to stick around for New Year too. Why go home when you can be part of the biggest party that the world sees in Times Square?

2. Lapland

Perhaps not providing the ‘real’ meaning of Christmas, Lapland is the ultimate destination to experience the magic and fantasy that Christmas has become. It’s not just about Santa’s Village and Santa Park for the kids (or the ones that never want to grow up) though: Lapland is also home to the breathtaking Northern Lights. With these being just a small sample of the top destinations to celebrate Christmas, maybe now is the time to start making plans for Christmas 2021 and to make it something special.