Some of the Best Dog Walking Safety Tips That You Must Know

If you are a new pet parent, you might be having a tough time figuring out how to take care of your puppy.

Well, for starters, you must feed your dog timely, give them ample water and keep them occupied with toys. Also, taking your dogs for a long walk is important as it helps them get rid of the pent-up energy, and it helps them relieve themselves.

But, walking your dogs at night or even during the day might be unsafe in some situations. There could be several potential hazards while walking your dog.

You can not avoid taking your dog for a walk, but you can be extra cautious while taking them out.

Here are some of the best dog walking safety tips that you must know about.

1. Do not take your dog for walks during noon

If you are working from home, you might be tempted to take your dog for a walk in the afternoon during your lunch break. But, that might not be the best thing for you or your dog, as the scorching sun will make you and your dog tired more quickly. It also increases the chances of dehydration. So, consider taking your dog for a walk during the morning or in the evening.

If you have no other option than to take your dog for a walk in the afternoon, you must ensure that you carry a water bottle for yourself and the dog.

2. Teach your dog basic obedience commands

Teaching your pup basic obedience will help them for their lifetime. Obedience commands such as heel, sit, stay, leave, and come are easy to teach and will make your dog much easier to manage in public. While taking them for a walk, litter can be a big issue. You might have seen your dog sniffing random things on the street, and some dogs even try to eat such things.

If they eat anything off of the street, it could cause a serious allergic reaction or infection in their stomach.

You might be surprised to know many dogs will even try to eat litter of other dogs, which could be harmful for them.

So, while you can not suppress their natural instinct to sniff various smells, you can teach them to leave or drop a random object if they pick it up.

3. Do not let them sip water from the street

There could be lots of puddles or stagnant water in the street, and your dog might try drinking from it. But, the stagnant water can have algae and other bacteria that can prove to be a poison for your dog. If you see your dog looking for water on the street to drink, you must provide them with clean drinking water. This is why, it is advisable to always carry a water bottle for them.

4. Do not let them roam free

Having control over your dog is one of the top most tips in ensuring safety for your dog. It is important to not let your dogs roam around without a leash on the streets. As the master, you must always have control of the leash, no matter how trained your dog is. Unless you are in a dog park or a private park, you must not remove the leash.

Keeping them on a leash will help you manage their interactions with other dogs and people. In case of any scuffle with another dog, it will be easier to manage them if they are on a leash.

So, these are some of the dog walking safety tips that you must adhere to for a better experience. Dogs are affectionate beings that are full of life and vigour, this is why, maintaining optimum safety with them while they are out on a walk is crucial.