Rodents in Your House? Problem Solved

Rodents are part of the ecosystem but not the kind of animals you would want to have in your house. They are destructive and may enter your home for shelter and food. Getting rid of them once they enter the house is the most difficult thing you can ever do. Therefore, it is advisable to take the issue seriously. It might take time to notice rodents in the house because they tend to be sneaky. However, some things can help tell whether there are rodents in the attic or the basement.

Signs There are Rodents in Your House

The following are signs that you might be dealing with a serious Rodents problem in your home. These signs can also help you know where they are entering from.

  • Scratching and chewing noises in the attic
  • Feces in the attic
  • Scratch marks on wood
  • Sights of Rodents on the roof
  • Footprint trails leading to the attic
  • Holes on the roof

Leaving Rodents in the house can cause serious damage, like the roof, when they want to create a clear opening. They also ruin the insulation in the attic and tear shingles and soffit. Rats can also gnaw on your HVAC ducts, which can be a big problem. The worst thing about these rats is that they carry parasites and viruses that cause diseases. This includes their dropping too. If a Rodent has rabies, the disease can spread to your family members. From these details, it is clear that having Rodent in your home is a huge risk. The following are ways of getting rid of Rats in the house.

Call Professionals

The first solution to get rid of Rodents easily and permanently is getting professionals. Search for “pest control near me” to eliminate this issue once and for all. Remember, Rodents can cause extensive damage and expose your loved ones to diseases. Rodents are aggressive and can harm you if they feel threatened. Therefore, we recommend calling experts to handle them.

Close the Dustbins and Remove Food Waste

Rodents are attracted to dustbins when looking for food. Therefore, if you don’t wish to keep picking the garbage after they have ravaged the dustbins, consider sealing the bins to ensure the animals don’t get inside. Buy a heavy trash can with a lid to lock the waste away. Ensure the bins are stable since the rats will try to push them to the ground for easier access. Make sure you also don’t leave food residues lying around. Remove pet food so that you don’t tempt Rats to enter. Make sure you pick the fruits that have fallen on the ground if you have a tree near the house.

Use Loud Noises to Scare Them Off

Even though rats are cunning and sneaky, they are also easy to scare. That means sudden and loud noises are enough to keep them away. The better if you can use loud noises and lights to scare them. Use motion-sensitive sprinklers to keep them off the yard or look for a device that omits sound almost close to that of the Rodents. Keep the sounds abrupt and not continuous to scare the animals away.

Seal the Chimney

Rodents may be entering the house through the chimney. Therefore, ensure the chimney is sealed and does not invite them. Remember, Rats are animals that will enter your house in search of food or give birth. They love hollow places like tree trunks or chimneys. Therefore, before sealing the chimney, check to ensure there are no baby rats.

Fix the Holes in Your Attic and Roof

The attic and the roof could also give access to the wild animals. Therefore, if there are holes or dark openings on these parts, seal them immediately after confirming there are no Rodents in the house. If you think there are rats, call the professionals to handle the job and seal the attic. You should also avoid giving access through the roof by trimming trees close to the house. Rodents may use the hanging branches on the roof to get to the small holes at the top. So, seal these holes and remove hanging branches.

Use Rodent Repellent

A Rodent repellent can also be effective in getting rid of these destructive rodents. The repellents are made with a pungent smell that deters the animals away. You can make at home using vinegar, spices, and ammonia and spray it on the different parts of your home.


Getting rid of Rodents is crucial when you realize they have infested the house. Remember, the animals are wily and sneaky and get dangerous when threatened. So, when removing them, ensure your safety and those around you. The best and safest way of removing rodents is to call the experts. They have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to eliminate the problem permanently.