Mother-Child Safety: 5 Ways to Ensure a Safe Delivery Process

Without a shadow of a doubt, giving birth is a painful experience, but it is also one of the best blessings from nature. Pregnancy fills you up to the brim with maternal love for your child. However, preparing yourself mentally and physically up until delivery day, is vital to a safe and successful process. There’s not much you can do to make your labor go as planned after the contractions start. But there’s a lot you can do to anticipate your baby’s arrival and make your birth experience smoother before the contractions begin.

Preparing for a safe delivery

You can never be truly prepared for the arrival of a new life into this world –there’s just so much to do. The delivery of your first child will be a unique experience different from anything you might have experienced before. It will teach you a lot as it will be a much more difficult experience than your second or third delivery, but there is always something new to learn for mothers of all ages. The delivery day is one of the most important days of your life –you might feel overwhelmed with joy or anxiety, or both.

Always be on call with your doctor for any changes you might notice in your body, as it may help them while delivering your baby. If something doesn’t go according to the plan, you can contact reputable firms like the Birth Injury Justice Center. Law firms can help you look further into the complications that led to the mishap and pursue compensation.

How can you ensure safe delivery?

Feeling birth anxiety is a normal part of the experience, but you can do things that may help. In this article, we will be sharing five tips to help make your pregnancy and delivery a breeze.

1. Proper nutrition

A proper nutritional diet is one of the most excellent ways to ensure a comfortable childbirth experience. Consuming an ample amount of leafy protein and veggies while limiting your sugar intake lowers your risk of pregnancy-related problems and improves overall health. Proper nutritional intake also maintains your strength and increases stamina, which you’ll need a lot of once delivery day arrives.

Dates are especially beneficial for pregnant women; according to a study, consuming six dates every day in the last month of pregnancy results in surprisingly smoother delivery. Consuming dates increased dilation and spontaneous labor while lowering the chances of prostin and oxytocin use.

2. Stay active

Keeping fit and staying active throughout your pregnancy not only prevents you from putting on too much weight but can also increase your stamina and elevate your mood. Most healthcare professionals recommend mild activity such as swimming and yoga for women who weren’t big on fitness before becoming pregnant. Yoga can reduce the strain on your pelvic and lower back –plus, it allows you to get comfortable with various breathing exercises.

3. Try breathing exercises

Breathing is essential for a good birth. Breathing gently and deeply throughout labor helps you relax and avoids muscular tension, enabling your cervix to dilate. Practicing breathing methods ahead of time will make you feel like a champ in the delivery room. Yoga is a great way to introduce breathing exercises into your routine as it not only helps relax you but also improves your control over your breath which is crucial when contractions start.

4. Prenatal classes

Prenatal classes are still the gold standard for becoming educated and informed about labor and delivery, making the entire process a much more pleasant experience. The earlier you enroll, the more benefit you will reap. It also allows you to meet other families in the same situation as you. Furthermore, prenatal classes can answer questions that you might have never thought of before and are overall an informative experience.

5. Stay mobile

If at all possible, avoid remaining completely bed-bound during labor. Don’t assume that you have to lay completely still while giving birth, whether at home or in a hospital.  Being active expedites the labor process while also alleviating pain.

In reality, sitting still during labor is rare because it is painful and inefficient. Plus, moving about and being loud can help you relax your pelvic muscles, allowing them to open more easily.

Final thoughts

Pregnancy is a journey filled with various ups and downs, but you will get through it just fine with the proper support from your doctor and spouse. However, normal delivery is still an unbearably painful experience. Introducing healthy habits into your routine and sticking to them is a surefire way to ensure a smooth delivery. When it comes to labor and delivery, it’s essential to understand that not everything will go according to plan –learn to accept changes and roll with them. Unwavering trust in your support system and yourself is the key to a safe delivery.