Is there really no cure for Alzheimer’s?

It is a mainstream understanding regarding Alzheimer’s that it has no prevailing cure in the medicine world. This information might be truthful to some extent, but the fact remains intact that Alzheimer’s goes untreated because no doctor gets able to diagnose it aptly.

It becomes problematic for a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s to articulate the symptoms to his doctor. Hence, the doctor treating Alzheimer’s switches to the patient’s guardian for having the information about symptoms.

In order to realize whether his patient is suffering from Alzheimer’s or not, the doctor conducts a few tests that examine the person’s memory.

The doctor might go for lab tests to ascertain the existence of Alzheimer’s disease in the body of his patient. However, it’s only after a person dies that the doctor learns if the patient had Alzheimer’s after inspecting the brain cells under the microscope lens.

Tests for examining Alzheimer’s Disease

The doctor will examine the patient’s mindfulness and memories through a physical questionnaire. He will inspect the neuro health of the patient by testing the body’s reflex actions and strength of the muscles. A doctor would assess how aptly the patient is able to keep his balance, coordination etc.

Effective Medication for Alzheimer’s Diseases

Your doctor would prescribe you two types of drugs that are helpful in combating Alzheimer’s disease. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable drug store from where you can purchase effective and authorized medication, go for Price Pro Pharmacy. Furthermore, you can be a money saviour with online coupons from PricePro Pharmacy. Stay in budget while buying all your required medication from this authentic Canadian medicine store online.

Cholinesterase inhibitors

Cholinesterase inhibitors are one such drug on which the doctors from all around the world rely on their Alzheimer’s patient’s treatment. These drugs preserve a necessary hormone in the body that the Alzheimer’s patient has a reduced quantity of in comparison to other people.

These are the first drugs that the doctors prescribe to their patients after diagnosing Alzheimer’s symptoms in them. Cholinesterase inhibitors have successfully rehabilitated the majority of patients with Alzheimer’s symptoms.

These drugs not only defeat the Alzheimer’s symptoms but also heal any neuropsychiatric complications the patient might be suffering with. It is very helpful against palpitations, agitation and anxiety.

Below we are enlisting three highly acknowledged medicines that contain quantities of Cholinesterase inhibitors:

  1. Aricept
  2. Exelon
  3. Razadyne


The other drug that we mention is very effective if your Alzheimer’s disease has reached its extremity. Memantine increases the coordination between brain cells. Oftentimes, the intake of Memantine is grouped with a Cholinesterase inhibitor. This combination works effectively to lessen Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Wrapping it up!

Alzheimer’s is curable if your doctor efficiently diagnoses its symptoms in the initial stages. You must elucidate all the mindful disturbances you have been dealing with to your doctor. In most cases, the patient suffers from extreme cases of Alzheimer’s because his diseases go unnoticed initially. We have penned down the two drugs that are extremely effective in combating Alzheimer’s disease.