How Reputable is Your Termite Company?

Termites could wreak havoc on a home. If a termite infestation goes unaddressed, expect the damage to be immense. So, hiring a top company makes sense if you wish to deal with the problem. Hiring “any old” termite extermination company won’t be in anyone’s interest, though. Property owners need to go with a reputable termite treatment company.

Of course, the average homeowner probably has questions about how to tell if a company is reputable. There are a few ways to determine if a company is legitimate and worth hiring.

Check Out Reviews

Past customers will likely have a lot to say if a company did a good or bad job. Many online consumer sites provide a chance for customers to give a write-up about a company. Check out what people are saying. Some people won’t be shy about saying what they liked or disliked.

That said, reviews don’t always paint a giant picture. So, it may be advisable to look at other indicators to make sure the company is reputable.

Review Better Business Bureau Ratings and Resolutions

The Better Business Bureau promotes “marketplace trust.” When a company does wrong, customers may file a complaint with the BBB. Legitimate complaints drive down a company’s BBB rating. The BBB also points out when a company resolves complaints, so a company with a good rating and scores of resolved complaints might not be worth contacting.

The combination of BBB reports and consumer reviews could paint a picture of an exterminator service. It might be wise to look at both online sources closely.

Dealing with the Termite Company

Sometimes, a termite company reveals its value to customers based on how it treats them. Company policies also support a reputation.

A termite exterminator should provide potential customers with a detailed estimate. A decent estimate explains all the promised work along with a breakdown of pricing. Expect a reputable company to provide a thorough assessment, one without hidden fees or unexpected surcharges.

The start date on the work must be reasonable. Yes, sometimes, the termite company may be backed up with many other clients. However, the company should work on getting a date on the schedule without delays.

Does the work come with any guarantees? A reputable company will usually provide warranties on performed work. A guarantee suggests there’s a commitment to a “job well done.” If something doesn’t turn out as expected, such as the termite infestation not being eliminated, the guarantee should cover follow-up work to fix things.

Look over the service contract to make sure follow-up visits are part of the deal. Besides a work guarantee, the company should provide additional follow-up appointments to make sure things are going well. This way, if there are any issues, an inspector, hopefully, discovers them.

Due Diligence Proves Valuable

Do all these steps seem like a lot? Maybe so, but taking additional steps may be worth it. Termite infestations could destroy a home or commercial property. You want to hire a top, reputable company.