Honda Civic 2012 Wiper Blade Sizes

While there are some years where the Civic has only one wiper blade size, 2012 was not one of those lucky years for owners of this popular and long-running line of vehicles. Instead, each model of the 2012 Civic has a larger driver’s side blade and a smaller passenger’s side one. Additionally, models do not all use the same blade sizes. The sedan and coupe both use a 26-inch blade on the driver’s side and a 22-inch model on the passenger’s side. If you have a hatchback, however, the numbers are 26 inches and 18 inches respectively. If you are not sure which you need, use a Honda Civic 2012 wiper blade size fitment tool on an auto parts website.

Reasons To Update Your Wiper Blade Size

Since different model years and models of Civic use different blade sizes, new owners of used Civics often find the blades they have are not quite right for full windshield coverage. Since the clips that attach wiper blades are universal from one size to the next, it is pretty easy to mistakenly install a size that is just a little off without realizing it if you put in the wrong model year or model subtype when you search for parts. If that is the case, then updating the blades immediately brings you a few benefits even if they are not due for replacement:

  • Better windshield coverage when running the wipers
  • Smoother operation, since mechanical arms are designed for the weight of the wiper and weight varies with size
  • Less chance of straining said mechanical arms and reducing their operating lifespan

So, can you install sizes outside of the manufacturer’s recommendation without hurting the car? The real question is why you would want to do so. Wiper blade sizes are designed to clear all the visible area you need to navigate safely, and they vary with the size of the windshield and its shape. While you might be able to get away with going up or down a size if you wanted, it’s not really a productive change to make. If you don’t know where to go for the right wiper blade sizes, check out the same store you trust for a new power steering pump because they are sold at most parts stores.

Why Update Accessory to Your Vehicle

Updating your windshield wipers is a necessary step to staying safe on the road because they break down and become unusable after about a year. Performance blades might last longer, but the environmental wear and tear still gets to them at regular intervals. Generally, though, updating all the accessories on an older vehicle is a good idea. You can get huge performance gains from even a modest investment in something like an aftermarket Ford Focus radio for a model that is around a decade old. It brings you all the new features of current model accessories without needing to upgrade to a brand-new vehicle. In some cases, the performance and comfort gains are big enough to exceed current model specs. It all depends on the upgrade you are making. Learn more by looking up replacement options for your favorite vehicle accessories.