Best summer destinations in Croatia

It is exceptionally hard coming up with a list of the best destinations in Croatia as there is so much you can explore during your trip to this amazing country. However, Croatia is known mainly because of its beautiful beaches, coasts, unspoiled nature and crystal-clear seas. It’s still home for some of the old cities such as the Stari Grad, which are rich in history both mythical and real.

This list isn’t really in any order as many of these sites are on par. Nonetheless, stick around as we explore the best destinations that will make your summer vacation in Croatia have the “extra” in your other ordinary vacations!



One of Croatia’s most bestowed jewel. This old city is magical and absolutely a must see. It’s big and would require you to spend several days exploring the walls and various stunning sights in and around it. It’s advisable to visit the city over a weekend in a low season period as it’s usually crowded during summer. There is no big deal with accommodation as there is a wide variety to choose from starting from five-star hotels, hostels to private rooms. You can extend your trip to Lokrum, Elafiti and Mljet Islands too.

Plitvice Lake


With sixteen intersecting waterfalls, beautiful flora and fauna, this site just offers a breathtaking site and truly unique experience. You can stay by the park itself if you wish as this gives you ample time to explore all the falls and trails. Its large size can handle a large number of visitors hence no need to be worried about visiting it in peak periods.



This destination is known for its long beautiful pebble beaches. Makarska is still famous as its home botanic garden-Kostina located on Biokovo mountain. The Malakolo museum located in the Franciscan monastery is also an interesting place. This museum has more than three thousand seashells some of which are collected from exotic seas across the world. Of course, the holiday in Makarska cannot be complete without a visit to the Brela, Tucepi and Voda beaches.

Brac Island

One of Brac’s and indeed Croatia’s famous tourist destination is the Zlatni-Rat beach. It’s a white beach made of shingles next to pine trees and its unique shape is a result of constant wave and wind erosion. Its shape changes slightly as the winds and tides exchange sides and sight itself is breathtaking. Being the third largest island in Croatia, Brac is super active during the summers offering a wide range of events which you really don’t want to miss. It’s proximity to the mainland ensures there is more than enough room for all. You can book a space in resorts located in Brac which include Supetar, Milna and Bol. If you are looking for a chilling seaside holiday, then this is the place to be. Being so popular there are tons of activities you can take a part on, such as sailing, hiking, mountain biking…

Elafiti Islands

These are three islands located in proximity, that is, Lopud, Kolocep and Sipan. These islands are peaceful with a few hundred populations and you can spend your days here without seeing a car—that’s how these islands are relaxed. If you happen to be in Dubrovnik and want to get away from the toxic city’s life, the Elafiti islands are just perfect for you. Sipan is largest which means it offers more trails to explore which might be what you are looking for.

Final thoughts

It’s no doubt there are tons and tons of places you can visit in Croatia but the listed above can make very nice destinations for you. Croatian cultural diversity is another thing you can really enjoy learning. They are friendly and ready to teach you anything as long as you want.