10 Fun Things to do with Friends on the Weekend

What good is life without the cherished memories we make with friends and family? Making beautiful memories with friends and family is the best way to wind up after a long week of hassling and going about the daily struggles of life. Here are some fun things to do with your friends over the weekend to add to your catalog of memories:

Visit a museum or zoo

Learn about art and history with your friends at the museum. You could also enjoy seeing other animals interact in their ecosystem by visiting the zoo. The price will depend on the specific museum and zoo in your area and the day and time you visit. Look at the local listing to identify when to go to enjoy the best rates and save your money.

Have a movie marathon

You could also gather your friends together to catch a movie. Pick a genre that appeals to both you and your friends. Luckily, you can do that without breaking the bank. Pick your favorite movies from Netflix. Alternatively, go for some old-school fun and watch DVDs. Do not forget to pop some popcorn as you enjoy your time together.

Go bowling

Visit the local bowling alley and enjoy a good time with your friends. You can make it a challenge and have the loser pay to enjoy the competitiveness. Find a time with special prices to save some money.

Play board games

A classic game night can never go out of style. Host your friends for a night of competitive fun. Take the thrill a notch higher by ordering some weed from a vendor like a Canada cannabis dispensary to elevate the fun!

Start a garden

Connect with nature by starting a garden with your friends. You can see who has the green thumb and who lacks it altogether. It will be fun spending time out in nature with your friends.

Go to the beach

Aim for a moment of zen on the beach as you listen to the waves. You could also walk along a local river or visit a nearby lake.

Learn a new skill

Find YouTube tutorials and learn a new skill with your friends. You could also learn a new language together with your friends.

Make vision boards

Another fun yet productive way to have fun with your friends on the weekend is to manifest your dreams and put them on a vision board. Crafting and visualizing your goals with friends encourage you to go hard at them because you have accountability partners.

Revisit old memories

Go through fun memories you’ve had with your friends in the past. Throw in a fun activity like making a scrapbook with old pictures. It will be a fulfilling thing to do with friends. Seeing how far you have come could help strengthen your bond even further.

Host a dinner party

Show off your culinary skills by making your favorite meal. You could also learn a new recipe to make together with your friends.

Final remarks

Friends make life worth living. You can never put a price to the great moments with friends. Try some of the activities above the next time you hang out with your friends on the weekend.