10 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

When life becomes overwhelming, become a programmer.

Now you must be thinking about how programmers will manage the pressure? They respond to pressure with their laziness. So, yeah, when you have lots of work to do, remember to do it as lazily as programmers.

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Are you ready! Let’s dive in!

1. Use towel to dry your clothes


The first tip is about getting the clothes dried quickly. After all, time is money.

If you want your recently washed clothes urgently, before hanging them on a washing line, wrap them in a dry towel while keeping the garment inside. After that, twist the towel as tightly as you can.

Once the towel has absorbed most of the water, hang these clothes for drying.

2. Chips will get the fire started


If you are camping or if you are using wood for burning, you may want to know how you can bring ease to this tiresome process.

You can add simplicity and get the desired results in no time by adding chips to the wood.

Chips? Are you serious?


Fats and other chemicals that make chips their best version also make them highly inflammable.

3. Stretch your tight shoes

Stretch your tight shoes

So, what is the best method to get comfortable shoes?

Easy solution: buy shoes mindfully.

But if you’ve mistakenly gotten a tighter size or if the right size was not available for your choice of shoes, you can go for the more difficult solution.

(Still, it’s a shoe’s life-saver!)

Stuff your shoe with wet newspapers as tightly as you can then let it dry.

Once dry, you can take out the dried paper and enjoy the comfort of new shoes.

4. Use vacuum cleaner to find tiny lost items

Use vacuum cleaner to find tiny lost items

Isn’t it hectic – to search for tiny pieces of jewelry, toys, and nails on the carpet. You have to bend down and then you have to walk on your knees.

There should be an easier solution. And here it is!

Use a vacuum cleaner. Only make sure that you have covered it with a sock or net cloth so your possession gets stuck in the cloth.

5. Use orange as deodorant

Use orange as deodorant

On that unlucky day when you forget to use deodorant, you can make use of orange to absorb body smell. Cut it in half and rub the halves on your body.

6. Wooden stick will keep the liquid from boiling over

Don’t want to stick around the about-to-boil pot for long? Get on the phone or complete your kitchen cleaning without wor

Wooden stick will keep the liquid from boiling over

rying about soups and milk spilling all over the stove with this simple hack.

Place a wooden spoon over the pot.

If you are wondering how it works, here is the answer: the stick will burst the bubbles and keeps them from reaching the top.

7. Sponges make best ice packs


No one should deal with running cool water on the skin on top of the recent injury one has just endured.

Instead of ice cubes, use sponges to soothe the bruise while avoiding a watery mess. Freeze the sponge and wrap it in a plastic cover to get the best results.

8. Ice-cold water with quarter-filled ice


If you are tired of finding a balance between ice and water in the bottle you left in the freezer for your trip, this trick will save you all the efforts of checking your water bottle every few hours.

Fill it only a quarter and place it sideways.

This way, you wouldn’t have to wait for the ice to dissolve before you can enjoy ice-cold water.

9. Clothespin can hold the nail upright without you getting hurt


You have to keep the nail straight to prevent it from entering the wall at the wrong angle. Then, you have to hit the hammer squarely in its head. On top of it all, you have to protect your hand from the approaching hammer.

How would you do that? With a clothespin, of course.

10. Microwave the pizza with a glass of water


Tired of eating soggy pizzas out of your microwave oven?

You can lock their freshness with this simple hack.

Place a glass of water with pizza in the oven while reheating it.

Enjoy the restored freshness.

PS: Make sure the glass is microwave-safe.