How to Care for Ping Pong Tables

Engaging in a game of ping pong can be a lot of fun when you have everything you need for an exciting match. A worthy opponent, the right board, bat, and a ball that glides quickly in your favor. But while you should know that the wooden and metal structure the table was made from wasn’t created to be everlasting, you need to do a proper job when it comes to caring for it.

And if you have invested quite a handsome sum to have one in your office or home, you want to invest the time in taking proper care of it. Not sure how to care for the best ping pong tables to improve life span? You can find all the details in the sections below.

Use Responsibly

How you use your ping pong tables will surely determine if they will last long or not. And while you surely only need the ball to be on the table during the gameplay, you need to avoid putting heavy objects, especially when putting it in store. It is also good that you don’t hang drinks on the surface as the spills could sink into the table which can cause it to warp. If you have kids around the house, you want to make it clear that they take things easy when playing around the table.

Fiddling with the screws at the bottom or playing hide and seek and using the table as their perfect hiding place won’t help the longevity of the unit. There is also the chance that they can get injured so it is best they stay out of the area. This link has tips for how to play ping pong.

Keep in a properly Shaded Place

It can be worsening for the life of the table if you have to keep it outdoors where it stays exposed to the sun and get occasionally wet from the rain. Also, you want to keep ping pong tables away from the swimming pool as they can get soaked as a result of the splashing taking place in the pool area. You want to consider keeping them under UV-protected shades when you use the tables outdoor. This will help with ensuring that they are free from water and sunlight which can reduce their lifespan.

Clean Properly


You will also have to clean your tables regularly so they can stay in the best condition. You want to do this before storage and when you bring them out if you have foldable options with feet that can bend. The best way is to use a soft cloth to wipe down the table to get out dirt and dust and if there are water spills, you want to gently dry out by absorbing the water with the cloth.

You can use white vinegar for the bright lines that run across the board to maintain the appearance and also do the same for the net. You will have to take the net out by carefully unscrewing it by following the installation manual that came with the table.

If there are metal parts, you want to use an oil lubricant to ensure that you keep dust and dirt away from the surface. It will also help with ensuring that you can screw the parts loose and tighten them when putting them down for storage. You can check this page for more on how to clean your tennis tables.

Careful Storage

There is also the chance that you can damage the table in a bid to take it to the store. This is common with foldable options used in public places that require regular taking out and bringing in. You have to make sure that the storage place is clean and free from rodents. It also has to be empty so you don’t have to squeeze it or hang it on top of other structures where it can fall off and scratch the surface or worse break a leg.

Also, you want to make sure that the storage area is completely dry and away from sunlight to avoid doing damage to the table while in-store. Remember to clean it properly if you will be storing it for a long time. And occasionally bring it out to inspect if you have it in store for ages.

Lift Properly

Another thing is dragging your tables on the floor when trying to adjust the positioning. You should lift them from the ground and place them where you want to have them. This will avoid damage to the legs and help avoid scratching your indoor surface. The best thing is that you can make use of rollers or opt for brands that feature them as already installed so you can get them from point A to B easily.

Final Note

There isn’t much to do when it comes to caring for ping pong tables other than to wipe them clean before storage and to make sure that you keep them away from direct sunlight and constant water exposure. It is also best that you opt for good-quality ping pong tables when you are in the market for one.