10 Book Ideas For Self Improvement

A book is a friend. As we dream of winning in this life, we need a book that catalyzes our self improvement. In the highs and lows of our life, we need someone or something to lean on. Self-help books are our refuge.

As we struggle to attain happiness and victories in our lives, we have to pick some books that contain immeasurable nuggets of wisdom written by professionals and experts that can propel our lives into what we desire. These help-books are our dearest allies, most especially when we are alone with ourselves.

These inspiring books could catapult us from our lowest moments into the higher plane. Books containing beautiful ideas for self-improvement will guide us as we go through various degrees of personal challenges from mental health to marriage, relationship, career choice, parenting problems, financial, and even retirement.

These books are our therapy, our life coach.

Choosing a book for self improvement depends on the type of problems that we are facing. The books should lead you to self discovery. Thus, before you go to the library or place an order online, you have to make sure of the type of book that answers your problem.

You should also check the authors’ background, verify their credentials, and go over their expertise. You can do this with the aid of the internet. You can also check the recommendation of your colleagues and friends who also went into a similar problem and successfully solved it through the books they picked.

Woman picking a book

A red flag on this is when you read a book that promises you how to earn millions, but the author is undergoing bankruptcy issues or serious financial problems. Make sure that the writer is an authoritative one of the chosen subject.

Finally, choose a book that is written according to your capacity to understand. Pick the books that you can read conveniently.

Check the style, structure, and delivery of its content. Find a book that delivers practical and valuable insights. Avoid the books that tend to sugar-coat everything, or worse, bring you to further trouble.

Woman reading a book

It is also essential to go over the reviews and comments made by actual persons who read the said books.

These books should deliver actionable but straightforward ideas. These books should ignite your deepest feelings and imaginations. The books on self improvement should bring you to a realistic narrative and concepts.

Avoid the books that tend to diminish your value, ambition, and goal. Do not be trapped on those so-called great reads, but in reality, they are full of air, a collection of recycled materials written in the most uninspiring way. Pick the books that empower you.

It is essential to remind ourselves that we can always find an opportunity for a great start as we live our lives every day. Each day brings a new promise, hope, and a new resolution to the myriad of challenges that confront us.

There is no better way than reading a good book that allows us to take care of ourselves in the best possible way. These books should unlock the key to our self discovery and healing and help us find ourselves in the middle of the darkness.

10 excellent books for personal development

In the following list, you will find the summary of our carefully selected books on self improvement. These books are also highly recommended by Penguin Random House, other highly-esteemed professionals, and renowned authors.

1. The Comfort Book, by Matt Haig

An essential book in your search for meaningful life and encouragement.

2. The Self-Love Experiment, by Shannon Kaiser

This book will guide you to self-acceptance before anything else.

3. Set Boundaries, Find Peace, by Nedra Glover Tawwab

It is a powerful book to help the readers go through depression, anxiety, power struggles, and mental fatigue.

4. Silence, by Erling Kagge

This compelling book will inspire you to appreciate the meaning of solitude and silence.

5. My Friend Fear, by Meera Lee Patel

This bestselling book will offer you lovely and artistic quotes and watercolor images that remind you of the beauty of the unknown.

6. Resilient, by Rick Hanson, PhD and Forrest Hanson

This book is a perfect guide for you to achieve inner peace and confidence amid challenges.

7. Create Your Own Calm, by Meera Lee Patel

This book will help you reflect on the necessity of self-acceptance and freedom.

8. Nothing Much Happens, by Kathryn Nicolai

This book brings you the magic of bedtime stories, relaxation, and quiet thinking.

9. Start Where You Are, by Meera Lee Patel

This book is interactive and fun-filled to inspire your creativity and mindfulness.

10. Burnout, by Emily Nagoski, PhD and Amelia Nagoski, DMA

This book provides a helpful, scientific tool to women who are undergoing stress and other emotional problems. The book will help women understand and manage their emotions to attain a happy life.