Founded in 2015, Capable Men is a blog exploring knowledge and self-mastery—with an emphasis on individual responsibility and stoicism. The blog features the ramblings of a former British soldier and adolescent stoic, John Fee—who makes no apologies for his evident shortcomings along the way. This blog looks to discuss concepts of practical utility for those seeking to forge their own guidelines in matters of self development.


Letter 20, Letters from a Stoic

“Philosophy teaches us to act, not to speak; it exacts of every man that he should live according to his own standards, that his life should not be out of harmony with his words, and that, further, his inner life should be one of hue and not out of harmony with all his activities. This, I say, is the highest duty and the highest proof of wisdom, – that deed and word should be in accord, that man should be equal to himself under all conditions, and always the same.”

A bust of Seneca the Younger

Author’s Field Notes

A collection of ponderings, insights & principles deemed worthy of note by the author covering a multitude of different topics. New notes will be added on a continual basis.


About the Logo


The Capable Men logo features Mars, The Roman god of war and agriculture. The archetype of Mars represents masculine strength and matters of physical force. Passion, determination, drive, and inspired action represent the forces personified by Mars—that combined, enable an individual to manoeuvre from place to place and rid the obstacles that obstruct one’s path.

Statue depicting the Roman God of War, Mars