Tips for Dads on Traveling with Kids

Travelling to different places and countries is one of the best things to do especially during the holiday season. However, it’s sometimes difficult to go far places when you have little kids to take with you. You can feel how stressful it can get by just thinking about it. But you no longer have to worry, because we will give you tips and tricks to make the travel with your little ones’ fun and memorable, and hassle-free as well. Some of these tips came from dads who travel a lot with their kids.

Tips for Dads on Traveling with Kids

Going on a Long Drive

Taking the kids with you for a long drive going out of town is a challenge because they tend to get impatient when inside the car for a long time. Here are some of the best tricks to keep them busy the whole trip.

  • Toys: Remember to take their favorite toys on your trip as these things can keep them entertained for hours. But don’t give them all the toys you brought with you all at once. Let them play one toy at a time, so when they get bored with one, you can swap it for another.
  • Foods: Another factor which can affect your children’s moods during a long drive is when they go hungry. So it’s better to bring snacks with you. You can also plan some stopovers where you can eat or buy foods.
  • Games: Playing games inside the car is fun not just for the kids but for the whole family as well. Before your trip, try thinking of some games you can play while on the road. You can also give them challenges like making them observe how many red houses or gasoline stations you will pass by.

Flying to a Different Country

If taking the kids with you for a long drive is challenging, flying to a different country with them can be tougher. It makes you worried that they might act up or spend the whole flight screaming. But you don’t have to worry that much because here are some of the strategies which may help you have a stress-free flight with your kids.

  • Get the earliest possible flight: The earliest flights are usually less crowded compared to other times. Also, people during this time of the day are basically still sleepy and they just want to nap during the flight, especially the children. To make the flight even more convenient, it is recommended to contact a travel manager. They can help you select the best yet affordable flight and also meet your special travel request. For more information, you can visit here
  • Dress the kids with comfy clothes: Temperatures may change when flying to other countries. You can dress your kids in comfortable clothes, maybe layers without buttons or zippers. This will make it easy if they would be using the bathroom. You could also let them wear slip-on shoes rather than the ones with laces to make it easier and faster to wear.
  • Bring surprises: You can buy a few toys for your kids before your flight. Then, you can give those toys during the flight as surprises. These will keep them occupied and entertained.
  • Pack just enough things: Since you’re with the kids, carrying a lot of things will not be convenient for you. Just remember to bring a few important things for your kids. Here are some suggestions on what to pack for them:
  • One comfort item: This can be a favorite toy, or a pacifier.
  • Smartphones or tablets: If your kids love to play games or watch movies on these gadgets, it’s better to take them with you.
  • Art supplies: A notebook and crayons might keep them entertained during the flight.
  • Snacks and water: It’s also a good idea to bring their favorite snacks on flight. Don’t forget their water as well. Snacks may also help them reduce the uncomfortable feeling while taking off and landing.
  • Sanitizer, diaper, wet wipes: It’s recommended to bring one diaper per hour of travel.
  • Be courteous of others: If your kids become noisy during the flight, you can somehow say sorry to other passengers but don’t be too apologetic. Keep in mind that flying on a plane can be a scary thing for your children as well. Also, most of the passengers today have noise cancelling headphones so you don’t have to worry that much.

Hotel/Motel Check-Ins

There are also some things to keep in mind when you’re checking in a hotel or motel with your kids. First, remember to bring outlet covers and corner covers with you. These things would be helpful to keep the kids safe inside hotel rooms. Also, it’s better if you can upgrade your room into a suite, because having a wider space is good when there are kids around. Furthermore, it’s ideal to look for hotels that offer outdoor toys, playgrounds, or pools where the children can enjoy themselves.

Once you get the hang of travelling with your little ones, it wouldn’t be as difficult as how you thought it will be. Aside from all the tips we’ve shared, one of the most important thing you should remember is to enjoy the moment, especially when it’s the kids first time to travel to a far place with you. Try your best to make it an unforgettable dad and kids bonding time.