3 Personal Development Strategy Tips

In February 2020, Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. released another edition of its tome on The U.S. Motivational Speaking Market. Its latest prediction is that the self-improvement market, worth $11 billion in 2018 will grow by 2023 to reach $13.9 billion in annual sales.

The profusion of personal development gurus spreading their ideas via every imaginable internet platform, and through the traditional paper book and motivational speaking channels is mind-boggling. Confusing, even.

So, where does that leave you, as you strive to make progress with your personal development? Can we whittle all this material down into something useful for your advancement? Read on to see if we’ve got a grip on the situation for you.

Identify Your Personal Development Skills

We’re all born with certain personality traits and talents that we develop throughout our lives. The great thing about being a malleable human being is that we can choose which direction we go in, and how we develop. We’re also capable of keeping ourselves in check and on track to reach those goals we’ve chosen.

1. Point of Departure and Possible Journey

The ad slogan about life being a journey and us enjoying the ride assumes that we start from somewhere. The same applies to your personal development strategy.

The personal and professional are closely intertwined. Separate them here to identify what you’re starting with. Then plot an arc to get to your desired destination.

For example, if you are introverted, you might set yourself a personal goal to have a short conversation with at least two people each time you go out.

As a professional, your goal might be to make a presentation. Find out what skills you need for that, do the training, then practice until you’re good at it. Carpe diem.

2. Evaluation Because Life is Not Static and Things Change

Nothing stays the same. We and the world are in a constant state of motion. The biggest piece of advice is to keep a journal listing your goals and achievements.

Keep your journal private. Write down whatever you want, without fear of judgment from others. Give yourself a weekly or monthly “what’s good and what’s not” session and come up with corrective actions you can take in the weeks ahead.

A discipline like this will have a cumulative effect. Suddenly, one day, you will realize you have grown. Keeping going!

As life is full of surprises and curveballs, you’ll recalibrate often throughout your life. Be prepared for your outlook to alter too as you develop. Trust that keeping an open mind will help you on your way to maturity, wisdom, and career success.

3. Have Fun and Try New Things

Don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s one of the nicest rules about life. It allows you to take frequent breaks from the serious self-improvement stuff.

It’s in this zone that you can develop a sense of style, advocated as essential by successful people everywhere. It’s where whimsy and personal taste might result in you adopting Paco Rabanne eau de toilette as your signature perfume, say.

There are many ways of having fun. Discover the joys of travel, or getting involved in community projects, if you dare.  Also work on personal improvement like hair health with https://scandinavianbiolabs.com/ and other options.

Read Widely and Deeply

Okay, not everyone reads books these days, we get that. But you owe it to yourself to gobble up as much information from the internet, films, music, educational videos and podcasts as you can. All the better if they contain innovative ideas and other expressions of creative thought.

The point is that you constantly gain personal insights from all sorts of places. Reading other articles on our blog is a good place to start!