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Personal Development Strategy

Welcome to Capable Men—a stoic site aimed at men who seek self development. We encourage our readers to embrace personal responsibility for the challenges that they face; by focusing on the aspects that can be controlled in life rather than focusing on non-controllable factors.

Capable Men aims to assist its readership by providing a steady flow of low-resolution impressions that depict highly important topics relating to personal development—Ethics, Virtues, Leadership, Psychology, Critical Thinking, Conflict, Literature discussion and more.

What exactly are low-resolution impressions?

It is generally accepted by most, that the complexity of the world far exceeds our capacity to fully comprehend it.

This fact, along with the dynamic nature of life means we are each forced to resort to various methods of simplification if we wish to understand things and make sound decisions in our lives—metaphors, rules, and generalizations are the means in which we do just that. Our workout routines, political theories and nutritional plans are prime examples of the areas in which we regularly accept simplified impressions of complex phenomena.

If we are to think seriously about the world, and act effectively in it, these types of simplifications are necessary. Without them, there is only “a bloomin’ buzzin’ confusion.” as William James once said.

An example of an impression would be how we can describe certain countries as part of the “third world.” What’s important to note is that there has never been an actual physical third world to speak of—this impression is simply a linguistic tool, that allows people from all over the world to hold conversations about complex geopolitical issues.

Simplified paradigms or maps are indispensable for human thought and action. On the one hand, we may explicitly formulate theories or models and consciously use them to guide our behavior. Alternatively, we may deny the need for such guides and assume that we will act only in terms of specific “objective” facts, dealing with each case “on its merits.” If we assume this, however, we delude ourselves. For in the back of our minds are hidden assumptions, biases, and prejudices that determine how we perceive reality, what facts we look at, and how we judge their importance and merits.

 —Samuel P. Huntington. The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.

Some of these impressions you are going to have at your disposal will be of a higher resolution than others—particularly if you’ve spent the last 5 years studying a topic in great detail vs reading something for the first time in the newspaper today. But for most aspects of life, we’ll be regularly depending upon lower resolution impressions to grasp the ever-changing landscape of our existence.

So it’s in your interest to find some good maps/impressions/models to make sense of the world around you—so you’re better equipped to face it.

Capable Men aims to offer its readers a continuous flow of low-resolution personal development impressions—so as to be able to:

1. Order and generalize one’s understanding of personal development;

2. Understand causal relationships among phenomena;

3. Anticipate and predict future developments;

4. Distinguish what is important from what is unimportant; and

5. Show what paths should be taken to achieve one’s goals.

Some of our notable personal development impressions:

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Every impression or guide that we post on this site will provide you with a metaphorical map—a few being more useful for some purposes in life than for others.

Explore the numerous impressions of this site, and utilise the ones that assist you on your own journey.

Good luck.