Are you a man of your word?

How much thought do you put into your words when you speak? Whether you know it up not, we’re all subconsciously ranked by those around us in accordance to the reliability of our words. Those who speak recklessly may find their relationships suffer in accordance with this act, while those who hold a high standard of integrity should see their respect from others flourish.

So what does it mean to be a man of your word? The principal, in theory, is far greater than making a simple promise – which is a one-time declaration or assurance that guarantees a particular thing will happen. The man of your word mentality is a life choice – to think carefully about all your words and following through with everything you actually say. This has a substantial effect to all those around you as you suddenly become a person of trust and reliability, in a time when integrity can often be hard to come by.

This world has far too many variables as it is, without people recklessly adding weightless dialogue into the equation. Start treating your words as currency where people actually see the value of your verbal contribution. To continue with this metaphor, if your words are so inflated that they resemble the Zimbabwean dollar, it’s time to act. When you’re assuring somebody of something, they must be able to recognise that your assurance has value and that they don’t need to second-guess your intent or reliability. This has a monumental effect in both a personal and business setting.

So you’re a man of your word? You make arrangements to grab a drink with a friend this evening, but suddenly you find yourself in a last-minute pickle as an unforeseen problem comes up. This doesn’t have to be a paradox with no way out. This is a normal situation in life and we cannot expect planning to always be so easy to uphold. But integrity requires solid dialogue on your end, to reach out to those you made plans with and explain the circumstances as they actually are happening. We all know somebody who is all too keen to arrange an event but can pull out without any explanation to their sudden change of heart.

Why even bother with such a mindset, you ask? A man, without his word, is nothing. Not to be fucking cliche or anything but when you strip down the superficial nonsense of your social status, possessions and power then you’re just another organism on this planet flapping around your area, making grand empty gestures without any thought to your words. Have the self-control over yourself to admit when you simply can’t do something. Don’t lie to yourself or attempt to open your mouth and make a noise because it sounds good. Think about your ability to act upon those very words and do not begin to activate those vocal cords unless you have every intent of following through.

This is something I challenge myself to do every day, and I’m far from perfect. I’m fortunate enough to have people in my life who also think this way, and I value their friendship dearly. Many people will not realise they fail to uphold such values, but such a change must firstly come from self-discovery. I hope that some people use this article as a trigger to analyse themselves and take immediate action. Today is a new day – make that decision to give your words value from henceforth.

As the sun sets, regardless of your beliefs, annoying habits or disagreements with others. Honour your word. Let it be known to all that your word is iron, and that you’re not a man who engages in empty rhetoric.



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