It’s All About Relationships – Movies with Fathers and Sons

Most people are interested in watching a generic genre of movies such as action, comedy, and horror etc. These films are what make it to the top of the year charts as well and are also known to be some of the top grossing films of the year. However, there are other films as well which carry a lesson for the viewers or perhaps, they are based on a relation. These movies do not usually hit the charts but are generally liked by the users due to the storyline or the lesson that is being taught.

There are different types of movies about fathers and sons’ relationships which should be watched by every parent with their child. This would help in making a closer bond as well as effective learning of important life matters. Find out more about some of the top movies with fathers and sons in the article below.

Why should you watch these movies with your child?

When it comes to watching movies, many parents do not realize that the child is being highly influenced from the content that is being shown in the movies. For example, after watching Fast and Furious movie series, many have ended up in racing cars and accidents. With such a high level of influence, it should be considered that “It’s All About Relationships” and that the children should be taught regarding one through various movies.

In addition to that, the movies would bring you and your child much closer. Many children watch films alone and not with their parents which means there is a lack of quality time between the parents and the children. This could be one of the many ways to spend time with your child.

Watch the films with your child if you want him or her to learn an important lesson of his life. Probably, a practical explanation is not possible at many times and films could be an ideal replacement in such a case. Studies have shown that showing the children a few films based on relationship and emotions have an overall positive impact on the personality of the child towards his future life.

Beginners (2010)

The film beginners are one of the modern stories about a father and son relationship. It was directed by Mike Mills who stated that it is a film based on his own story. The story targets a very sensitive topic of sexuality. It shows how a father opens up about his sexual preference of men after the death of his wife. The father falls in love with another man. Amidst of this unexpected experience, the father engages in a better father-son relationship by being honest and open about it.

The honesty of the father encourages the son as well to pursue his true love. The film gave many moral lessons to the viewers including the fact that truth is always the best solution to everything even if it appears to be harsh or difficult in the beginning. The film was considered to be quite emotional by the audience and critics liked it for presenting such a sensitive topic in a good manner. The role of father played by Christopher Plummer had him receive the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.


Catch me if you Can (2002)

Catch me if you Can was a movie directed by Steven Spielberg who was also influenced by his parent’s divorce to create this movie. Film stars included Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. The film itself is one of the most heart-felt films in the history of Hollywood. Although the film is much loosely based on crime and thriller, it depicted how Frank Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) saw a tough personal life where he saw his mother cheating on his father  which leads to a divorce and creating a way forward for Frank to enter into this criminal life.

The movie ends with the death of the father right at the moment when Frank is coming back from the prison. With devastating aspects shown in the film, it was one of the best ones by the director which was focused ideally on the story as well as the personal relationship between the father and son.


The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This was considered to be one of those films where much of the audience cried as it ideally depicted how a homeless dad struggled towards working for the future of his only son. It grossed a big sum of $307 million on box office while the critics also said that the performance of Will Smith was quite suitable according to the role.

This film shows how a strong bond between a father and a young son could help them overcome any of the major problems they are facing. Most important aspect of the film was how deeply it was focused on the different types of details from being poor to going rich. What was unique about this film was that it was played by a real-life father and real-life son. The film was nominated for Oscar Awards and Golden Globe Awards for the role of Will Smith as Best Actor.


Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo is one of the best films you can watch with your young child. It is an animated movie which shows the story of a father fish finding his son along with an overprotective clown fish named Marlin. The story shows the struggle of the father in finding his son (Nemo), a journey which is full of wild fishes, human interaction, and multiple close calls after which the two are reunited. It is a film showing how a father puts himself into danger and multiple encounters but does not leave the pursuit of his son.

It is a film for children and has received the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature while it was nominated for three other awards as well including Best Original Screenplay. It was the second-highest grossing film of 2003 which earned a total of $871 million on a budget of $94 million only.


Paper Moon (1973)

Although this film is an old one and stars two characters as father and daughter instead of father and son, it is still an important one as a movie showing parenthood as well as the role of a father towards the child’s life. Although, the movie shows that the father is not true and honest to his profession as he scams old widows out of money but it in terms of the relationship between the father and the daughter, this film shows an awfully charming relationship including an element of comedy as well.

Film stars include Ryan O’Neal, Madeline Kahn, and John Hillerman. It was directed by Peter Bogdanovich and Produced by Frank Marshall. Since the basic storyline of the movie was quite ideal, it was a success in terms of commercial earnings as the film earned a hefty sum of $30 million on a small budget of $2.5 million.

Big Fish (2003)

The film Big Fish was considered as one of the most worthwhile films by Tim Burton. The film shows an element of suspense and thriller where the son is trying to decipher the truth from the tales of his father and his background. The multiple different types of adventures are told by the father of which the son is trying to look up for facts within the fiction. Tim Burton stated that the film carried a special importance for him since his both parents had recently deceased. His father died in 2000 while his mother died in 2002.

The story shows that the son ultimately comes to the point where he finds that the stories and their narration is important rather than evaluation of the authenticity of the stories. Film stars include Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, and Billy Crudup. The film earned $123 million on a budget of $70 million while it also racked up a few awards.



The movies about fathers and sons relationships have a unique aspect about them as they are targeted towards emotional values. The above-mentioned films have some of the top ratings and have been popular among the audience as well. We suggest that if you want your son to learn some of the most important lessons of life including aspects about father and son relationship, you should watch these movies with him. It will create a positive impact on his personality. Fathers can make a big difference with their child by watching such films together.